Sep 24, 2007


Since home decor mimics fashion trends, here is a list of new colors for Fall 2007. Colors this year tend to be more inviting, exotic, unusual and rich, but we love them!
Neutrals are pushed to the wayside and grey seems to be the new black. Greys have been seen as the fresh new neutral on walls and is used with decorative colors to contrast it. The grey trend is said to be "the backlash to years of taupe"!
Plum/ Wine colors are also huge as is Carafe, a deep espresso color.
Colors from nature are big as well: green moss (more on the yellow side), shale green (blue/grey), burnt ochre (fall's new orange), and star gazer (the new turqoise).
My absolute favorite are all the jewel tones- especially the emerald green!


JP said...

I think this is my first time to "blog"

Anonymous said...

do you have any advice for designing a room in burnt orange?