Oct 28, 2007

Kitchen Inspirations

There is something so 80's glam about this kitchen that I just can't resist (featured in Luxe Magazine). Ever since I laid eyes on Kelly Wearstler's all black kitchen I have been intrigued by this look. All black is daring and sophisticated.

Kelly Wearstler Kitchen

This kitchen designed by Michael S. Smith boasts a custom metal hood with a pewter finish. Pewter is an up and coming surface that is emerging on hoods and countertops. Beware: it is gorgeous, irresistible, and VERY pricey.

This kitchen graced the cover of House Beautiful. At first, I wasn't so sure, but as I have studied it I have grown to love its individuality. What I am drawn to the most is the wallpapered ceiling, and those bar stools!

This kitchen caught me eye in the Fall Issue of Luxe, and really, what's not to love? What I like especially is that the granite on the countertops is also run up the wall. Keep the back-splash simple but beautiful. It should compliment, not fight the other elements going on in the kitchen.

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