Dec 9, 2007

Cross my heart and hope to buy!

Well in about a month it will be that time of year again- Christmas presents thank you note time (for all the new home decor you received!) Never a very fun activity especially if your handwriting looks like chicken scratch (like mine) and you spend hours redoing your thank you notes because they don't seem to be very legible. But why not make it fun this year and purchase your cards from! These thank you cards will surely get lots of attention and you just might receive a "thank you for sending such a cute thank you note" note back!
Cross My Heart started about sixteen years ago by Rosanne Herskind, an artist who hand painted her own invitations. Since then, it has grown into a national and overseas business with over five thousand products.

Just a few of the places that you can buy these cuties in Dallas are at Stardust Celebrations and Paperie and Company. Looking at these adorable cards and invitations, it's no wonder Cross My Heart has grown into such a successful business.

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Here are some of my favourite stationery designers;

All gorgeous websites as well to boot.