Jul 15, 2008

What an honor!

I couldn't have been more excited to open up my email this morning to a blog comment that read, "Hey girls- just wanted to congratulate you two- you are now award winning bloggers!"

Turns out Maison21 of the famed Maison 21 blog gave us the "Brillante weblog premio 2008" award...I won't bore you with our acceptance speech but it felt a little bit like when Katie married Mr. Cruise (something you dreamt about as a little girl but never thought would happen)- a dream come true! So we thank you Maison for such a prestigous honor- the last thing I won was a fendi spy bag when I was a temp at Neiman's and that was just luck of the draw so this is truly an honor!

Well we are passing the torch onto seven other bloggers whose blogs we feel we couldn't live without on a daily basis...

Drum roll please...(in no particular order)
1) Cote de Texas
2) Coco Kelley
3) Maison21 of course!
4) Girls Meets Glamour
5) Things That Inspire
6) Alkemie
7) Habitually Chic

There are tons of others that I LOVE but I don't want to list my entire blog roll on here...Lauren- any more you would like to add to the list?


coco+kelley said...

oh!! thank you so much, emily!! your blog is, in turn, quite an inspiration to me as well. you gals both have wonderful taste and such great new finds!

girl meets glamour said...

That is so sweet, thanks so much!! Love what you've been doing with your blog lately, keep it up :)


Lauren said...

I never knew you won a Fendi spy bag! Ha ha, that's awesome!

amy said...

Congratulations on the award. I am new to reading your blog, but I really like what I have read so far. I look forward to more!

Cote de Texas said...

wHOA -#1 - I feel so honored!! Where's my crown?????

seriously - thanks!!! this means a lot to me!!!!!