Feb 4, 2008

Classic with a twist!

Just thought I would share one of my local favorites with you- Stephanie Anne Home- a quaint retail showroom off of Lovers Lane in Dallas. Her store carries products for your bed and bath as well as living and dining. Her website, Stephanie Anne Home, is currently under construction but as you can see from the sneak preview, her furniture and accessories are unlike most stores around. Her website describes her style as "classic with a twist". She often mixes traditional elements with modern- something I often try to do in my own designs. We over here adore her style and can't wait to see what else is in store for Stephanie Anne Home!

Since her website is still undergoing renovation, we thought we'd provide you with our own photos of some examples of Stephanie Anne's designs. The photos below are of a house I know quite well... my parents' (the closest example I could give you!) Stephanie helped them to decorate a once lonely wall in their formal Living Room.

She helped this blank wall go from empty to chic in no time at all! She grouped two mirrored tables together to give the illusion of one long console table.

Her picture frames are gorgeous- another must have accessory for your home

In an otherwise traditional room (and a very traditional house), Stephanie mixed in this sleek lamp to add in a hint of modern. I love how the lamp sort of grounds the display- everything else is light and mirrored- the dark lamp gives it a bit of heaviness and unexpected charm

I am crazy about this mirror- adds some gorgeous glamour and immediately the wall becomes a focal point that you can't help but be drawn to

These glass artichokes are my favorite. I have the tiny version of them from Z Gallerie in my own home. I must say though, that the larger ones shown here make such a bigger statement than mine. I also love how you can get them in two different sizes so you can create a grouping as she did here

On either side of the mantel sits one silver candlestick and a mod display of greenery- I love her mix of earthy with chic
The photos don't do her designs justice- so if you live in Dallas or are in town, be sure to swing by Stephanie's store and check out all her goodies!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

How gorgeous. How come you didn't help decorate. Or did you?

About Emily... said...

Not on this one! They did this about three years ago and I was still in my senior studio trying to graduate! I think it was easier to go with someone out in the real world :) And Stephanie Anne is a design genius to say the least!

Cote de Texas said...

I was just there a few weeks ago!