Feb 10, 2008

We heart V Day!

Valentine's Day will soon be here and we've compiled a few photos of our favorite red and pink rooms!
This decked out closet from Traditional Home (Oct. 2007) is so playful and feminine. Flats and heels are showcased in pink shelves while purses, dresses, and sweaters are neatly arranged in front of a barely there lilac color. The bench adds a bit of whimsy and ties together all of the surrounding colors. If only my closet was a quarter of this size!

Another photo from Traditional Home- I love this antique desk that sits in the Master Bedroom- it serves to separate the bedroom from a sitting area. The added touches of soft pink in the throw and roses really gives this bedroom an added touch of romanticism.

Yet another Traditional Home photo here (Oct. 2007) by Jamie Drake. The magazine describes Jamie as "infusing a 'wow' factor into interiors with his fearless use of bold color". That's for sure! You have to be pretty fearless to cover an entire bedroom in fuchsia. Adding purple broke up all the pink while still maintaining femininity and luxury. Textiles were designed byJamie also (his collection for Schumacher). Again, he's another designer who mixes the contemporary (lucite chair- not shown, and luxe geometric velvet headboard) with the traditional (antique desk- not shown, and gilt accessories).

Hello red! This New York apartment with its bold red walls looks extraordinary paired with blacks, golds, and even animal prints to accent. This scheme is very exotic and daring. I love it because it does not look too masculine or feminine in here. It's a room anyone could get along with!
This boudoir featured in Oprah at Home is incredibly chic. Can't get enough of those pink houndstooth drapes or that mirrored vanity. This room acts almost as a little retreat for one to go to and relax in- with shoes all over the floor, feminine colors everywhere, and elegant furniture- every girl should have one of these to escape to!

Here is Gwyneth Paltrow's Dining Room in the Hamptons (featured in last year's House and Garden). The pink here is almost invisible- but if you look closely you will see small touches of pink sparkle in the stunning chandelier and in the inexpensive, but fabulous plates from CB2. We love how this Dining Room is far from being overdone and its simplicity is what really gets us!
Another celeb home photo for ya. I bet you can guess whose bedroom this is- oh yes, the always flashy and extravagent Paris Hilton's bedroom (or was her bedroom- those celebs seem to move around a lot!) I actually really adore her bedroom. The powdered pink and mirrored furniture (I have a thing for those mirrored pieces as you can tell) looks very striking but at the same time very serene.

Last celeb bedroom featured in Elle Decor U.K. is that of the designer Betsey Johnson. Her clothing is very unique as is her home design. I am really liking the yellow Dining Chairs paired with the pink walls- very unexpected and unique. Her signature color pink is used everywhere in her home- even pink carpet in the bedroom (not really my style but it wouldn't be Betsey if it wasn't a little bit unusual!)

Also, found a few V Day pieces that you could put in your home year round-

These chairs are from Mecox Gardens- definitely a bit more Valentines looking but aren't they sweet!

This garden seat is also from Mecox- a popular home accessory right now

Tea cup candle from Tracy Porter- would make a great gift for that special someone!

This Swedish farm table from 1st Dibs make a great craft desk in a feminine studio or would look adorable even in a child's room
Had to feature at least one Anthropologie find- the queen of girliness and charm. Love this little "Inside Out" bowl that you can purchase on their website.

I saw this Blu Dot chair in a magazine a while back and loved how inexpensive and modern looking it was.

This chair from Container Store is another inexpensive desk chair find- comes in a few other bold colors and is only $49!!

This houndstooth print pillow from Heals is only $40- what a bargain!

Ok..not really an inexpensive find but we LOVE this Venetian lamp from Jan Showers. So fabulous!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh my, what a fabulous blog! (Your banner, gasp....) Where have I been - living under a rock?

These pics are all so pretty and feminine. I can't stop looking at that Betsey Johnson pic. Wowza.

About Emily... said...

Well thanks- we love your blog too! It's fabulous. Brooke Hagel did our banner- can't take much credit for that one- she did a great job.

You should see the rest of the photos of Betsey's house- completely crazy and pink but that's why I love it!

Cote de Texas said...

I love these pictures!!! Especially the Trad. Home chair with the throw - just love that one.

Hi Maryam!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures to pay tribute to V Day! Im loving the houndstooth pillow

Jessica Claire said...

I also love Betsey's dining room- nice post!