Apr 20, 2008

Chez Chanel

I love getting a good glimpse into the home of a celebrity, as you all have probably figured out! The interior of a home can just say so much about a person (captures his or her real personality, background, and style- things that even the sneakiest of paparazzi can't dig up!) The home is such a personal part of one's life and a rare facet of a celebrity that we do not get to see very often. Where do they go when the paparazzi are all gone, the red carpet rolled up, and the movie cameras stop rolling? Do they favor modern or traditional style in their home? It's so incredibly intriguing to me that we have decided to profile more and more celebrity homes in the future...but to start with- here's a look into Coco Chanel's apartment!

This celebrity home profile is unique because Chanel has developed into such a great international fashion legend and it's cheating a bit because her "home" that we are examining was actually on the third floor of her Chanel store at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. She mainly just entertained and worked here- she really had a place at the Ritz down the street; however, this third floor apartment is so elegant and fascinating that I had to share with you all! Everything is still in its place from her death in 1971...

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel- introduced one of the most famous perfumes in the world (Chanel No. 5) in 1922 and her signature little black dress in 1926. Her fashion creations could be described as relaxed, casual and more masculine than the previous decades had been. She was a bit of a fashion rebel- designing suits, short skirts, purses, women's trousers, dresses, and costume jewelry. After she died, Karl Lagerfeld took over her empire in '83.
An old photo of Chanel's apartment

The mirrored staircase up to Chanel's apartment- built so she could stand in one spot and see what was happening on every floor of the Chanel store! Genius!

The fabulous dressing rooms below her apartment

A chandelier in her home that had interlocking 5's and C's
Chanel's sitting room- I love all the books displayed and the opulent gold mirror above the sofa. Her sofa is upholstered in suede beige which was very unusual for that time.
Birdcage in her Sitting Room
Chinese screens she used as wallcovering...
Her exquisite Dining Room...I love all the symmetry!

Celebs sporting the Chanel look

Keira Knightley was chosen to be the new face of Chanel- replacing Kate Moss. A short film was made with the star acting as a "modern day Chanel". Go here to watch the video and to get a virtual tour of Chanel's apartment! It's pretty interesting actually.

One of my favorite websites is Claudia's The Paris Apartment- she sells gorgeous furniture and accessories like the bench above- incredible pieces that you would see in a Paris apartment such as Chanel's. Click here to read her fascinating blog!

Chanel once told Harper's Bazaar that "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" which I think is even true in Interior Design- sometimes less can be more and I love looking to Chanel for inspiration in her sophisticated fashion designs and in her home.


SimplyGrove said...

I love this post!!! Thanks

Fifi Flowers said...

I LOVE Coco Chanel! GREAT post photos! One thing I made sure that I did when I was in Paris... buy parfume from Chanel Store... what an experience that was... a simple bottle and I had to go to settle my account in a posh "cashier" room... I felt like I purchased a whole collection! Merci Beaucoup for the memory!

pinkstilettos said...

Where did you find these great pictures? I love looking at anything about coco Chanel and now her home- Great Post!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I have loved Chanel since I was a teen and after I got my first job I bought a tiny little scarf with one of my first paychecks. I still have it!

I really enjoy Claudia's blog...chic!

Have a fabulous evening!

franki durbin said...

why is it we can never get enough Coco? :) lovely post. Kiera must have enjoyed shooting those pix in her apartment!

About Emily... said...

Pink stiletto- I found the pics on various websites and from people who have actually been to see the apartment in person! Talk about lucky!

Thanks for all the comments- I had as much fun writing this post as you all did reading it! More celeb homes to come :)

Mélanie said...

Chez Chanel but it could also be chez moi ...I dream so

Olivier Lalin said...

Chanel COCO's Limelight of French beauty and Elegance- Long gone - She was the best
Now suffering Lagerfeld and YSL dying only left with the eiffel tower and some old stones