Apr 24, 2009

Furniture Friday - Dining Room Buffets

French Chest by Wistera - $1,399

I really love Dining Rooms, and maybe one day, when we are no longer apartment dwellers we might actually have one!  Here are my picks for some oh-so-fabulous dining room buffets!
I LOVE this buffet, and it's actually a very reasonable price!  From here.

Painted White Swedish Buffet $2,945 - Pair this painted buffet with your grandmother's mahogany dining room table, slipcovered parsons chairs, a fabulous chandelier, and contemporary art work!

Low Bleached Oak Mirrored Cabinet - $4,795... What can I say, this cabinet is SO me!

Munich Buffet $1,199 - for that Park Avenue Sophistication see above and below.

Mercer Sideboard from WSHome $3,450 - when I see this I think, "bachelor, bachelor, bachelor."

Terrace Mirrored Buffet from Pottery Barn $1,299.99 - ADORABLE!


Renee Finberg said...

i can't decide which i like best !
that is a good thing !


Jolena said...

I have to say the Pottery Barn one is my fave.. I've had my eyes on it for a long time.. but I have an antique Baker.. but a girl can dream huh?

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Have been "keeping my eyes open" for "THE" right piece, something old, that truly SPEAKS to me, for a few years now, and I just CAN'T find it... sometimes I think I need to admit it's just "not out there", BUT, "you never know!"~~~Altho new, these ARE very nice!!! Best, Linda *

Linda/"Mom" said...

* On leaving here, I looked once again, and yep! I DO love that red chinese piece!*

Sanity Fair said...

great selection - the oak mirrored cabinet is great. Bring on the symmetry.

A Room With A View said...

Oak Mirrored is my fav. Love, love. Nice finds.

Sara B said...

Beautiful! While we're on dining rooms, riddle me this: Can you mismatch chairs when using a round dining table? Say for example, two upholstered wingback chairs along with 6 wooden/upholstered chairs???

DiscountDiva said...

I love a regal buffet. The red one also has a rustic vibe to it that looks great against glitzy mirrors.