May 2, 2009

Ancient Obelisks

I just bought a pair of these Obelisks from Room Service Home outlet in Dallas for my sister's living room end table. They are so pretty in person and very inexpensive- the ideal combination.

Obelisks have such an interesting history. They date back to the architecture of the Ancient Egyptians (although I'm pretty sure they weren't made of marble and crystal back then, like the above!)
These structures were placed in pairs at the entrance of temples. Obelisks essentially described a monument that was tall, narrow, four sided, tapering, and included a pyramid shaped top. It symbolized protection.

Although its roots lie in Egypt, its name is of Greek origin- because Herodotus, the Greek traveler, was the first to give out the deets on these monuments.

Twenty nine ancient obelisks are known to have subsisted. The magnitude of these structures is just unbelievable.

Rome, the obelisk capital of the world, contains one of the most well known obelisks (at 83.6 feet high!) located in St. Peter's Square. Very remarkable! I think we all need to go on a field trip here.

Fast forward to 2009, and obelisks are still very prevalent...but in home decor. They make beautiful and very interesting accessories- providing a little bit of height, or a little bit of sparkle or just a little bit of color to a table that needs that extra something.
Remember when Lauren posted about these from Mrs. Howard? Loves!

Shell Obelisk from Mecox Gardens

Large obelisks look great on dining tables while smaller ones look gorgeous on coffee tables, nightstands, end tables and in bookcases.

What would the ancient egyptians say about these non-traditional patterned cobalt blue and white obelisks with the greek key at the bottom! Unique indeed!

Pottery Barn has these cement obelisks on sale currently for $29. These are very versatile because you can place them outdoor OR in!

What about an obelisk table lamp from Circa? I'd take this in a heartbeat!!

Orrrr these Italian, white marble ones from 1st Dibs...

These crystal bookends from Restoration Hardware could come in handy in a bookshelf or on a nightstand. Too bad they are currently sold out...they are super cute!

More obelisks from Room Service Home- but this time in chrome.

And who could forget Allan Knight, the king of acrylic? Of course he makes acrylic obelisks!


Anonymous said...

This might seem juvenile but one can't help but think just how phallic this post is.

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Anon- I actually hadn't even taken notice when I did the post, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see the resemblance- ha!

Gotta love obelisks

Down Comforter said...

You've found some really great versions - I love that lamp :)