May 8, 2009

MG B-day!

Just wanted to wish one of my besties and blog-ees a very Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Eat lots of cake for us...

Hope you get to relax and are treated like a queen!

I wonder if Bryce is going to have trouble wrapping this? ;)

Have a great day, you old woman!


Anonymous said...


twin2trip said...

Hope you have a great birthday and that couch would be a delightful gift:')

Deanna said...

Have a great birthday Lauren. Hope that you are treated like a princess (as show in the blog.)
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sue | Pillows said...

Happy birthday,
Just want to say that I absolutely love that couch. It is something that I have been looking for.

Courtney said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lauren! Hope you had a great one.

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