Mar 31, 2009

Just Like a Circus...

Still very sad over the fact that I'm not at the Britney Spears Circus concert tonight in Dallas. I would have loved to have gone- the sets, the costumes, the energy...her COMEBACK! But alas, the tickets were sold out too quickly and I am instead left with only sketches of Miss Britney in her crazy costumes designed by the Dsquared twins and the tales from those who went..

How could I have missed this??

I think the circus theme is just too much fun. One of my favorite books is Water for Elephants, which I hear is being made into a movie...can you imagine how imaginative and colorful the sets on this movie would be?

What if you and your family lived in a real life circus? (no, not as carnies) What we mean is, what if your home was originally the winter headquarters for John Robinson's Circus (back in 1840) and your address was One Circus Place?

Hey, it could happen! At least it did for the Worples' family. I will never forget this entertaining story that was in Traditional Home not too long ago.

Who would have thought that this normal looking Terrace Park, Ohio home would house such interesting roots?

The family said that they have definitely embraced the circus theme because of the home's history...and it's certainly apparent in their home! Brightly colored solid fabrics as well as lively contemporary prints adorn their furniture. They have taken the circus theme and modernized it in a whole new way.

Raspberries, lime greens, aquas, and hot pinks are everywhere! Hot pink velvet chairs above are Designer Guild and the ottoman is upholstered in a Manuel Conovas striped fabric.

What a fun house to grow up in! These rooms have so much vibrancy. As you can see, the homeowners interjected small accents of circus memorabilia without clowning around too much.

The family room is equally as fun as the rest of the house! Bold and vivid, I wouldn't have any problem hanging out in here.

I love this wall color!

The landing's curtains provide that extra jolt of color in the small space.

Harlequin vases on the dining room mantle provide some circuis flare! (they were given to the homeowners by their interior designer)

I wouldn't recommend the circus theme in a normal residence; however, it definitely works here!

Dress My Window

Window treatments are practically an essential. Whether it be for privacy, to block out UV/glare, provide warmth - almost any commercial or residential space needs some sort of window coverings. In most all my projects, it is certainly the one item we address at some point. There are many options to chose from in deciding window treatments.
Sheers add a nice touch whether it be in addition to other window treatments or as a light weight contrast to a silk hem.

The String Panel system from The Shade Store makes for both a room divider and a window covering.

Available thru The Shade Store by Chilewich, these wood grain roller shades are something really unique and different.

Solar Shades (such as these from The Shade Store) are great for commercial/working spaces.

Relaxed Roman Shades look great and as they are aptly named - have a more relaxed (less tight) feel. Also great for windows that do not have any molding where they can be outside mounted.

Flat Roman Shades with a cornice is really charming.

Drapery panels always seem to add elegance with a hint of formality based on the fabric. There are so many styles and designs for drapery too. Mounting the drapery rod up high extends the height of the windows and the room.

Solar Roman Shades are great for spaces such as a window seat, they are light weight and a bit translucent, but do their job in filtering strong rays.

Classic Roman Fabric Shades lend a more tailed look to a window and are especially nice and streamlined for inside mount windows.

I often do wovens like this on a slider - having a valence straight across the top with the shades split in the middle. This allows for one panel to stay fixed and another to be opened to access the door if necessary. It also gives flexibility in opening and closing at different heights depending on how much light or privacy is needed.

Woven shades are great,especially for places like a kitchen/breakfast room as they allow light to filter thru. Since they are a natural fiber, there is less concern for smell and stain absorption from cooking.

Christopher Lowell flat Roman Shades from Smith & Noble:

When one door closes, another opens!

We have good news and bad...

The good- Fete Home Collection in Dallas is having a huge sale!

The bad- it ends TOMORROW!

So hop on over there and pick up a few funky finds at this home and gift shop in the Bishops Arts District.

Their entire inventory is marked down at least 60%. Everything must go by the time they close on Wednesday, 3/31!
Why so cheap? They are going out of business...but not to worry, they are reinventing themselves and will be back with a new name and new inventory sometime in late April.
Located at 322 West 7th St.

April Food Day

Meg of Pigtown Design and Chris of Easy and Elegant Life have started April Food Day Bloggers Fighting Hunger blog action day to help bring awareness to hunger in America.
We are asking our readers to make a contribution to this cause tomorrow, April 1st.
You can donate here, to Feeding America, a national food bank- every little bit helps!

Mar 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Never one to normally flock to yellow, (but never say never, right?) I found these tables at West Elm and I thought they were fun!

Can stack, nest or scatter these Nesting Hexagons. $199 for a set of two!

Light My Way

A client was in need of a new light fixture for her nondescript narrow stair landing, a hanging fixture from the ceiling. Her look and style is Contemporary Asian. Here are some unique finds that can work in a narrow landing and have a streamlined Asian look.
Reed Pendant from Y Lighting.

Koshi Pendant from Y Lighting.

Pendant from Lighting Universe.

Pendant from Lighting Universe.

Coco Bead Pendant from Modern Dose.

Teardrop Lamp from Spacify.

Bamboo Tranquility Pendant Chandelier from Lamps Plus.

The George Nelson Triple Bubble Lamp Fixture by Modernica available at Velocity Art And Design.

Round Top Recap

If there is one word to sum up my sentiments of the Round-Top Antiques Fair after my first trip there this weekend it would be, "excess." I joined my mother-in-law and her two friends this weekend for an exhausting whirlwind shopping extravaganza. Now these ladies mean business, this is their fourth time to go (with no signs of ever NOT attending again), and they stay for a full week of shopping from 8am - 10pm. Crazy. I could only hang for the weekend, but it did not disappoint. You can find everything from the junkiest of junk to fine European Antiques. I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds...
At "Excess," I found this barn filled to the brim with industrial-chic-modern finds. A nice breath of fresh air when you've been looking at gorgeous antiques you can't afford and sorting through the junk you can. I would describe this vendor as Anthropologie on crack.

I loved this glamorous steel and lucite dining table/chairs combination! The chairs have SUCH potential.

My love for gorgeous rocks knows no boundaries and I about DIED when I saw these hunky chunks on lucite stands.

He had lots of gorgeous (expensive) lamps as well.

On the right hand side of this picture, note how he hung white coral all the way up the wall - very dramatic in person.
The new look Restoration Hardware is advertising was EVERYWHERE at Excess. Every last one of these cart/tables were sold.
This one booth had loads of zinc tables, I could think of a thousand possibilities and functions for them.
It amazes me that these "stores" only set up shop twice a year. It took the owner of Clutter three weeks to get everything set up. Any kind of print you could imagine was available.
SOOO many cute dishes!
A screen I contemplated as a headboard, but decided against because that's not what I ultimately want.
I saw several of these large mirrored obelisks - amazing!
Small sunburst mirror I passed up (I really want a pair).

I fell in love with this zinc chest, so so cool.

It's hard to tell but that is a cowhide rug all folded up - they had tons all over the fair. I mean this is TEXAS after all.

These antique bottles were really beautiful. The dealer found them in an old factory in England. They have the look of mercury glass but they are not actually made of the mercury. He isn't sure what they were used for, but had speculated that they were used to make herbs more potent. I think they will sell out quickly. I already saw various dealers who had bought from this man hawking them in their booths.
I loved the lines of this alabaster lamp.
The show has only just begun, so if you can make it I highly suggest checking it out!