Apr 30, 2009

Chevron Mirror

It's no secret that I have a slight mirror obsession. I saw this beauty and was scheming of where on earth I could put (store) it. I think a pair of these would be fabulous over a bathroom vanity.

Big sale!

If you're in Dallas, head on over to the Peacock Alley Warehouse sale this weekend!
2050 Postal Way

"Antiques Go Young!"

Chicago Home + Garden Magazine asked me to pull together a vignette at the Merchandise Mart's International Antiques Fair which opens tonight and runs through Monday.  The event labeled "Antiques Go Fresh!" highlights the ability of three Chicago design firms to mix modern furnishings from the Merchandise Mart with fine antiques culled from antiques dealers exhibiting at the show.  Here is a sneak peak at my vignette 90% complete at post time....The wall covering is a Maya Romanoff  hand stitched paper from Donghia that looks like leather panels.  I am crazy about the orange color.  The 18th century neoclassical mantle is from the Richard Norton Gallery and looks amazingly contemporary beneath a commissioned art piece made of crocheted fiberglass by Yvette Kaiser Smith via the A. Rudin showroom.  Poised in front of the mantle are a pair of black sandblasted oak chairs by Juin Ho from Bright.  Alongside the chairs is an Alison Berger floor lamp from Holly Hunt.  Midcentury Italian mirrored screen (one of a pair) anchors the back wall which I snagged  from the Douglas Rosin Gallery.  The "Luna" Chaise by Mimi London from David Sutherland lounges in elegance in front of the screen.  Added a rug- hot off the press- from Atelier Lapchi and placed an Alan Knight acrylic based table from William Switzer atop of it.  A white lacquered desk with horse hoove feet from Design Atelier looks stunning in front of an early photograph of Mia Farrow taken by Roddy McDowell, also found at the Douglas Rosin gallery, held by a vintage Curtis Jere easel from Buckingham Interiors + Design.  Hard not to love and be intrigued by the chandelier woven out of vines from TG Couture that makes quite an organic statement amidst all of the many layers of texture in the space.   It allows light and movement without feeling too heavy or overwhelming in such a small space.  
My firm had a blast working on this project and we want to thank CH+G Magazine, the Mart, and all of the showrooms and antiques dealers that allowed us to use their amazing pieces! 

Yeah, so it's not Leontine...

But I still LOVE it! I spotted the orange colorway in the Z Gallerie window last night and was completely smitten! If you couldn't commit to the whole Greek Key look (because it's a lot of look) then a couple of shams would really add a punch to simple white bedding.

Apr 29, 2009


So, I know I'm suppose to be writing about NY, but I LOVE this LA store Room Service, which looks like it took all of the cool furniture and design inpiration from Kelly Wearstler's Maison 140 and made it accesible to buy! Hooray! I am a HUGE Kelly Wearstler fan, aren't we all, but I SWEAR I loved her WAAAAAY before she became so famous! Kelly, I LOVE YOU!!!
Anyway, back to my blog....So, I'm sure you have all seen Maison 140 pics a million times over, but take a look at this montage and compare to the pics from the Room Service store below. They really nailed her look and they seem to be trying to make it somewhat affordable (for now anyway).
Maison 140...been there, done that (and I want to do it again, and again, and again...)

This bedroom vignette is a total take off on Kelly Wearstler's style, but that's ok because I LOVE HER!!!...did I say that already?

Aspen Sofa $1995

Black Riviera Chair $1,3595 ea...ok, well these are a little pricey, but soooo HOT!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO Kelly, but they funk it up a little more with the mod pieces. Definitely her colors and patterns though!

So, Room Service, if you're reading this, PLEASE COME TO NYC!!
Oh, and Kelly, if your reading this, I LOVE YOU!!

Scorching Porches!

In anticipation of longer days ahead, warm weather, and an eagerness to enjoy the outdoors - I thought I would feature pictures of outdoor porches and decks. I recently completed a virtual design project for a client who lives in Ohio but has a vacation home on Martha's Vineyard. The client specifically asked for help with exterior lighting, exterior paint color, and any creative ideas on how to furnish the backyard porch. I sourced some decorative outdoor light fixtures in addition to recessed lighting (which he asked for). I also provided ideas & resources for outdoor furnishings and accessories. Having focused solely on a single porch design, I became interested in searching for pictures of all kinds of porches - from East Coast to Southern to Tropical to Modern.

If you haven't already gotten started on sprucing up the backyard patio, deck, balcony, front porch - take a look at the potential!

LA Event

An alternative building event taking place May 8-9 in Santa Monica. {Please click on image to enlarge to view details.}

To Chop or Not to Chop...

I want to know your answer to the age old decorating question...to chop or not to chop? What on earth am I talking about, you ask? Karate chopped pillows! Do you love? Do you hate?
Examples of "The Chop:"

Phoebe Howard does it...

{image from Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper}

{image from Simple Style}
You often see karate chopped pillows on pillow-back sofas (see above).

Palmer Weiss did it.
Renea Abbot of Shabby Slips chops.

{Elle Decor May 2007}
This living room has long been a favorite, and the pillows are indeed, chopped.

Pillows, Sans Chop:
I've always loved the headboard in this Domino bedroom,but I just noticed that the pillows lay pretty flat.
This photo from the Dovecote website shows a pillow-back sofa with no chopped pillows.
{photo from La Dolce Vita}
These pillows just gracefully lay softly on the sofa...no chop necessary.
The gals at Mrs. Howard switch it up on this bed, and goes no chop.
"Subtle Chop":
{Photo from La Dolce Vita}
I decided to make a third category for the pillows that are just barely karate-d...it looks like the chopper showed a little restraint to the chop-ee.

{via Habitually Chic}
In the San Fransisco store, Sarlo, the pillows are moderately violated.

{via Porchlight Interiors}
A side chop! Interesting!
Ahhh, one of my favorite living rooms ever by Gerrie Bremmerman. The pillows are simple, but the color really makes a statement.
{photo from Blueprint Bliss}
You must check out Fran Keenan's entire house as seen in the late Cottage Living, but the pillows on her sofa have just a hint of chop.
So do you have a strong opinion on this "hot topic?" C'mon, I wanna hear it!

Design 100

The upcoming June issue of Metropolitan Home will be their annual Design 100 issue!

It's a compilation of the editor's picks of favorite people, places, and things from the world of design- gathered into one list!
So far, we've gotten word of these favorites:

#15- architect and designer, David Rockwell

#67- Dutch owned Droog's playful new Soho store

#93- designer Barbara Barry transforms an ugly duckling into a modern swan

You'll have to read the issue to find out what the other 97 favorites are! (available late next week)

Apr 28, 2009

Bedding Color Combo: Sea Glass and Silver

Remember that little color combo that we used to see around once in a while- turquoise and chocolate brown? Well, I think this bright bold blue and deep neutral is being taking over by more icy blues and grays.

Barbara Barry's Poetical Bedding Collection at Macy's illustrates just this.

It's so refreshing to see a subtle, more modern floral pattern on bedding for once. So often we see florals that look like they came straight from your grandmother's linen closet OR those floral patterns on bedding that are so bright and busy, they are blinding. Talk about stressful!

I'm all relaxed with this one! Night night!



"Bloody Hell" by Timorous Beasties and available at Walnut Wallpapers

"Party Girl" by Flavor League

A suite at Planet Hollywood's designed by Jonathan Adler and papered in "Highway 66" by Flavor League.

Wallpaper from the 70's: "Frowe"

Wallpaper from the 70's: "Mykene"

Wallpaper from the 70's: "Shiva"

I love PATTERNS, and wallpaper is one of the easiest way to give your space a big dose of eye popping, gorgeous pattern, that can pull your whole color scheme together. If it's not in your budget, just do one wall and paint the other walls an accent color. It looks more modern that way too!