Apr 19, 2009

Crazy About Droog!

I recently read about the opening of the Droog New York Store at the end of February.
Being a huge fan already, I am looking forward to dropping in during my NYC  shopping visit in a couple of weeks.  
Droog is an enterprise based in Amsterdam and set up as a statement on design.  Working from a mentality that is close to human, their products each tell a story about themes such as memories, nostalgia, re-use, craftsmanship and nature.  Lighting is one of my greatest obsessions and here are some of my Droog favorites.  Although, this is just the tip of the iceberg for their furnishings collections.
I am installing this "85 Lamps" fixture into the home of a client VERY soon.  I have coveted the piece for ages and cannot wait to see it in the space.  Function and form combine by the use of only what is necessary to create light in this fixture.  Bulbs, wires, connectors are displayed as an opulent chandelier.
The "Milk bottle lamp -110V" by Tejo Remy imitates milk bottles hanging above the floor in rows of three by four as in Dutch milk crates from the old days.
Go from this....

...To this with the "Clothes hanger lamp" by Hector Serrano.  By hanging the garment of your choice you can create a completely personalized lamp.  Change with the season or with your mood.
Who has not had the bare bulb syndrome at one time or another in their interiors history?  The "Hang on easy" by Ransmeier + Floyd allows you to transform an ugly bare bulb into a translucent soft light in one second.  Note the "how to" image above. Hard to mess up.
Get this "Sticky Lamp"-110V" by Chris Kabel....This design brings a new function to packaging.  Instead of tossing the wrapping away you now use it as part of the fixture.  Talk about recycling and reuse.  The self adhesive fixing offers the piece up for so many possibilities.  Stick on the ceiling, wall or even on the floor!
The "Soft lamp" by Arian Brekveld gives a new use to the old PVC dip technique.  The material of the soft lampshade gives the impression that the cord is melting right into the shade.  The warmth when it is lit adds to this mysterious illusion.
Although I wanted to add the rest of Droog's amazing statements on design for a later post, I could just not resist adding this "Do frame tape" by Marti Guixe.  Use this tape anywhere to give an artistic finish to anything you like, any size, any shape, anywhere.  That wall of photos you have been imagining...never easier!
All images courtesy of the Droog website...Check it out.


Shania Holtz said...

Such an exciting idea! I like the tape frame :)!!!!

Down Comforter said...

Definitely some unique, clever designs :)

Caroline said...

I love them all! Very modern yet sophisticated!