Apr 16, 2009

Even Oprah's Doing It!

We are still trying to figure out the ins and outs of Twitter- slowly but surely! It seems that every week, I hear it mentioned somewhere else- The Hills aftershow, Chelsea Lately (you know, some of the most important and educational programs out there)

But even Oprah has decided to get on the Twitter train. Now it MUST be getting big! Oprah is doing an entire show about Twitter this Friday. Ashton Kutscher will be on it (he is one of the biggest Twitter fanatics in the short history of Twitter fanatics)
But it is indeed going mainstream. With Oprah now endorsing Twitter, it's sure to become even bigger. She should put it on her "Favorite Things" episode...can you imagine...."and everyone today gets to leave with a TWIIIITER account!!!" Fans start going wild.

Oprah hasn't even written one tweet yet and she already has 30,000 followers! Her first tweet will be send out on Friday- make sure you are online to witness history in the making!
I wonder if Gayle or Steadman has as many followers as she does? Will she be @replying on there to Nate Berkus and Maya Angelou?
I know we aren't Oprah and won't send you home with a new burberry jacket, but we'd love if you joined our measly 458 followers...there isn't much time to catch up with the queen of syndicated ratings!


Anonymous said...

HA! Her first tweet was in all caps. is she yelling at us like Dr. Phil? what a rookie.

Down Comforter said...

I hear more & more people Twittering every day, but I think I'll just stick to Facebook.

DEVON said...

Hey! I love your blog! I just started on Twitter myself, but its pretty pointless being that I don't want to pay the extra to do it from my phone... Anyway, I'm trying to really get out there with my art and wanted to give you all a heads up if you would like to maybe feature some of my artwork on a blog? please please please.... Can't wait to see the new site! Thanks.

Nevis said...

I added you! Twitter is rad!