Apr 27, 2009

A Squared

One of my clients emailed me today with a link to Angela Adams' site (any relation to Ansel?). She wants to purchase one of her fabulous rugs for her home.

I got to exploring more of her site and she has some really interesting pieces on there. I love her use of color and pattern in all of her products. Her designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Maine. Never been to Maine before, but if it's as gorgeous as her designs, we may just have to take a trip there!

Not only does she have home decor, she also designs apparel.
What fun little totes for summer! I don't know about you, but I am a tote bag fanatic...I feel like I have one for every occasion- working out, traveling, design consultations, overnight bag, beach bag- really the possibilities are endless with a cute tote!

Her rugs are amazing too. Large floral and graphic prints adorn her wool rugs.
These trays are perfect for serving sweet treats (like cupcakes) at a party. Magnolia Bakery or Sprinkles? Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Her Lulu Stationary has become a recent obsession of mine. Recent meaning- about an hour ago. I love this current and stylish color combo- blue and orange!

These Pod/Sprout pillows are the best- never quite seen anything like them!

These geometric pillows are equally as fun.
A lot of her fabrics, wallcovering, and rugs are sustainable too- so you can be chic and enviro friendly at the same time. Also, check out her contract wallcoverings for MDC (to the trade)- cool stuff!

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