Apr 24, 2009

The More Expensive Panton Junior Knockoff

I just stumbled upon these chairs called the S chair at Bed Bath and Beyond.

They have an incredibly striking resemblance to the Panton Junior chair available at DWR.

However, I still like the original DWR version with the matte finish much better. It looks more classic and the orange Panton is actually $25 LESS expensive than the orange S chair from Bed Bath and Beyond!
Who woulda thought?


Unknown said...

First and foremost, I love your blog - I'm one of those lurkers that never comment. Until now.

This is a knock off of the original chair, not the Jr version. And the Vitra version in gloss is actually about 1400$ if I'm not mistaken. Though for any MCM-geeks, why spend 1400$ when one can get the original HM version for about 400$ on ebay.

Cheers btw, love your blog and keep up the good work.

Material Girls said...

Hello Sam! Woops- they looked so mini online and it said they were for kids' rooms, I assumed they were the mini version- interesting! Will have to tweak the blog post! Thanks for the heads up...glad you found our blog and still continue to lurk it! ;)


Down Comforter said...

I totally agree on the matte finish - it looks less cheap.