Apr 16, 2009

Design Winner Unveiled!

Thank you for all of your inspiring and thought provoking entries!  I had a great time mulling over all of your spaces.  I think that I could have tackled them all if I did not have such a hectic day job :).  At the end of one of those days, I selected the winner.  My heart strings were tugged and I felt the design need...Huge project, moving in soon, overwhelmed,  an SOS of sorts.  This is where I began.  A simple image crying out for more.
We then created a CAD drawing of the shelving.  Then the fun began.  The winners alerted me that they are owners of a cattle ranch in Montana.  This facilitated the need for an organic rustic object of some sort.  They also have  renovated an historic home that veers into the "English Manor" feel.  Thus the juxtaposition of the vintage British automobile, carved hat molds (for the most discerning English gentlemen) and the antique shield.  Looks and feels royal.
Who does not need vintage French seltzer bottles in a myriad of colors?  These bottles lend a bit of tradition and whimsy in their colorful state.  The colors breathe life into the rich mahogany wood shelves.
The crown, antique chalice, mid century sunburst mirror and the vibrant modern piece over the mantle create the perfect balance between history and a current, modern edge.  All of these different artifacts work and blend to exemplify a very personal and unique aura.  I strongly feel that what is displayed on your shelves shows who you are...an overview, a narrative.
Giving credit where credit is due....Mantle art is a commissioned piece by Chicago artist, Gian Garofalo.  His art is truly divine.  Moving left to right; all books from Tara Shaw in New Orleans.  Animal skull from Jayson Home and Garden.  Antique car from Mecox Gardens.  Antique oil portrait from Jayson Home and Garden.  Wooden sculpted heads from Mecox Gardens.  Crown from Relics and "A" art from Scout in Chicago.  A nod to the homeowners :)
On the mantel underneath the art is a chalice from Relics filled with fleurs from Jayson.  The modern sculpture is from one of my favorite galleries in Chicago, Pavilion.  Andirons are from Kimball and Bean.
Starburst mirror, mid century is from Heritage Trail Mall.  Shield from Relics.  Vintage seltzer bottles are from Jayson Home and Garden.  Vintage glove form is from Relics.
I had a blast.  I could do this all day long..Oh! I do!


Anonymous said...

it's great to truly see the work come to life. great job!

Rita said...

I agree! You really put a lot of thought and effort into this. The shelving unit looks amazing, love all the little details (like the car on top of the books) Looks fabulous!

Shania Holtz said...

Looks awesome!!! Must have taken a very long time! I give you an A for effort (and how you made it come to life)!!!