Feb 19, 2008

Pretty Spaces

Room of the week:(ok so this photo really came from an advertisement) but it is one of my all time favorites. The whole room is just pure bliss. I have already had an incredibly busy week (and it's only Tuesday!) Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a tranquil room like this to come home to and relax in? I'm sure if my Living Room looked like this, I would be afraid to touch anything in it for fear of rumpling the couch pillows...but a girl can always dream! The blue on blue scheme is so calming and we love the added touches of cream. The new trend seems to be to match your drapes with your wall color and they did this beautifully! The lucite coffee table adds to this room's airy and light quality. Also, I love the symmetry in this room- everything seems to be in its rightful place and looks untouched. This Living Room is my ideal room even if it is perhaps a bit unrealistic for my lifestyle! I must say that everyone needs one room in their house that is "pretty" and solely exists for looks!

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Villa Anna said...

Hi there, I've just discovered your blog and I must say I've had a wonderful time touring around. I especially love this post. I'm kinda known amongst my family and friends for immensely admiring "pretty spaces", but having two young children, my pretty sanctuaries are very limited lol. This room is lovely. I love blue and I love symmetry so it really grabbed my attention.

Anna :)