May 19, 2008

Get Carried Away!

It's finally almost here- the highly anticipated Memorial Weekend opening of the Sex and the City's been years since we've seen Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie, and Miranda in anything together but it feels even longer since we've gotten a peek into their NY apartments...Will the new movie have the same old sets in it? Or have the characters moved on to bigger and better things? We hear that Carrie has! Apparently in the new movie Carrie is getting married to Mr. Big and in the preview, they go house hunting together. While we don't have too much info on their new homes, their old apartments as single gals were quite fabulous.

Look at all those clothes! I would love to get a peek into Ms. (or shall I say Mrs.) Bradshaw's wardrobe in the new movie! I never understood how a tiny NY apartment closet would have held all of Carrie's clothes- I guess that's why they call it a tv show!

A pretty simple but sophisticated apartment- It provides a nice neutral backdrop for all of Carrie's colorful clothes!

Carrie's very low key, unfussy bedroom- I wonder where she got her paint color? In some lights it looks gray and in others, more of a taupe

The entryway to Carrie's apartment- nice bookcase that provides lots of storage- perhaps for all of Carrie's publications

I have always adored her drapery fabric and its large circle pattern!
And you can't miss Carrie furiously typing away at her computer for her next column (insert Carrie voice over here, posed as a question)

Charlotte's bedroom- just like Charlotte, this room is extremely organized, pristine, proper, and traditional

Another view of her stylish bedroom- warm woods, gold accents, and floral wallcovering, make this room some place homey that Charlotte would feel comfortable in
Now onto Miranda... her place is very pretty due to the help of her infamous designer! Remember that episode where Miranda's Interior Designer came over with a lamp and left with the guy Miranda had her eye on? Woops! I am guessing Miranda didn't give her designer too many referalls after that!

I love her Living Room...she glams it up a bit with the sunburst mirror, which to me is very unlike the uptight pessimistic Miranda!

Samantha's Bedroom- of COURSE Sam has to have the bold red bedspread to mimic her bold and fiery personality! Lots of lush pillows and dramatic bedding make the bedroom the focal point of her house- go figure!

Samantha's bathroom looks like it came right out of a hotel spa...could be because her life is one big vacation!

I love Samantha's home but what if I told you the photo above was really Samantha's home? I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but the photo above IS where they filmed Samantha's home! They just edited the outside a bit (this is located in the Meatpacking District) I actually went on the Sex and the City bus tour while I was in New York about three years ago and they took you to a bunch of places where the show was filmed...I was saddened to discover that their apartments did not really exist! Only the exterior of Carrie's does and people actually live there!


Ann said...

That was sweet of you to share that with your readers. We can really see a person's personality by how a person's abode looks like. Love those Sex and the City girls...They have entertained me in my younger years.Loved their escapades.

Jessica Claire said...

I'm seeing the movie tonight in a special sneek preview. So excited!!!

pinkstilettos said...

When I went on the sex and the city tour, I went to Patricia Field's Store in NYC and bought the SATC Book- kiss and tell. I also still have the original brochure to where the tour took us. THe book is very interesting and has a lot of each of the girls apartment's. Great post!

The Lil Bee said...

This is my favorite SATC roundup yet! I think I'm going to have to jump on that tour at some point soon.

la bohemme said...

I ADORE studying the Sex and the City interiors! So chic! So fab! Great post!

About Emily... said...

Thanks you guys! Jessica Claire- let me know if the movie lived up to all the hype it's been getting lately!