May 18, 2008

J'adore Wisteria Decor

We at Material Girls love wisteria! My favorite part about it is the story of how it came into existence...Andrew and Shannon both grew up in beautiful homes- their style and love for antiques was heavily influenced by their mothers' taste. After getting married and going from store to store looking for their own home, they realized that they were just not finding the right local treasures to fit their house and lifestyle; hence Wisteria was born. They started to go out and collect their finds from all over the world- giving them a chance to travel as well as do what they do best- finding the special pieces that make a house a home.

Suzani pillow - $99.00

Art Deco Lamp - $129

Ornamental Jade Sculptures - $149

Half Oval Console - $629

Stacked Sideboard - $499

Chinest Tea Pot Lamp
Love it all!


Katherine said...

I have one more favorite to add from Wisteria! And it's on sale.

Emily said...

Love it! I just found out there is a Wisteria Outlet in Dallas- I'm there!

Cote de Texas said...
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Emily said...

I don't know if I did Joni..but that post of yours sounds familiar- so I'll go check it out! I can imagine that their house is amazing! M. Naeve- hmm never been there, but will have to go my next Houston visit!