May 18, 2008

IKEA's Facelift

You must check out the recent Dallas Morning News article about IKEA....Can this really and truly be the same IKEA we have come to know so well? Their new collection of furniture has taken inexpensive decor to a whole new level! Their new target is an older crowd- they are trying to achieve a more sophisticated and stylized look with their furniture. I love the Trollsta sideboard below...I'm not going to lie, I had never gone to IKEA until about two months ago ("What? You have never gone to IKEA??") Trust me I have heard it all before from people! Seems as though I was the only person in the free world who had never stepped foot in the Frisco store. But I am just not a big fan of the really huge mass-produced furniture retail chains. I would rather buy something unique at an antique store that no one else has. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised after I went to IKEA (granted it took me about two hours to walk through the store) but they have definitely put more thought into their new collection and are making their furniture look more unique!

I ended up buying a file cabinet there, which by the way, it's the most beautiful filing cabinet I had ever seen (if you are in the market for one) It was a cream color with a glossy finish- something you would not find at your normal office supply store for only $99! So needless to say with IKEA's new transformation and great deals, I shall be keeping up with what's in store (literally) for them!


Marie Louise said...

Thanks for the heads up about Ikea's new look. I go to one every few months but mostly for window treatments or bedding. Their furniture was never quite right - although I did recently pick up two green glass tables for my husband's design studio. I will have to check out thier website. Love you blog btw!

About Emily... said...

Thanks Marie Louise for stopping by! Ooh those green glass tables sound really cool. It really is hit or miss with them but they definitely seem like they are expanding their collection to more stylish furniture! Should be interesting to see what else they come up with.


Liv said...

Basically, I'm obsessed with IKEA. I have a catalogue from last summer that is so marked up I need to replace it.
I'm happy to see they're adding some new designs- I can't believe I didn't know it until I stopped by your blog today!!
Thanks so much for the peek into IKEA's new line!1

ACS said...

Oh, how I wish our Australian IKEA had caught up!

Fabulous blog...definitely on my list of faves.

Keep up the good work.


Cote de Texas said...

check out their sofa, white slipcovered for like 399 = it's so comfortable and so cheap, comes with a matching chair, great looking. it's one of my guilty pleasures.