May 28, 2008

Orange you glad they paired it with pink!

Pink and orange (together) is the hottest color combination for Summer! Madeline Weinrib quotes "What girl doesn't love hot pink? Adding orange gives it an ethnic vibe and keeps the pink from being too sweet".
I completely agree...I have always loved these two colors together. Michael Kors, Versace, and Jil Sander all had models sauntering down the runway in these vibrant hues for their Spring collections. Photo above credit of The Budget Babe

Where can you add this hue combination into your home? How about in floral arrangements, picture frames, rugs, pillows, bedding, and even vases!

Photo from House Beautiful- yummy! This one is my favorite

Another photo from House Beautiful- such a cheerful look for summer!

Photo from Elle Decor.. love the design of the headboard and the fun pink/orange bedding. Yellow seems to be another stylish citrusy color you can add to the mix of orange and pink!

This carpet is from Madeline Weinrib's collection and was recently featured in In Style. Called the Brooke and Zig Zag cotton carpet- $325 each- can buy them at ABC Carpet and Home


Chelsea and Brian said...

Pink and orange were our wedding colors!! We got tons of compliments! Love everything you posted.

Liv said...

LOVE pink and orange. I was shocked when a friend sent me a pink/orange wedding announcement, but when I saw the reception, it was beautiful, especially since it was outside with crisp, white tents. BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks for reaffirming that pink and orange compliment each other so well!!

Neutral Dwelling said...

I loved the pink and orange spread in the Elle Decor magazine. So bright and cheerful!

Emily said...

I completely agree- orange has been my new color obsession this year and to add it with pink, well you definitely can't go wrong with those two hot colors! Chelsea and Brian- I bet your wedding was gorgeous. You should post the pics!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

such fun colors separately and when paired together, make such a brilliant cheery duo! love love love!

Jewel said...


I featured your blog in my pink orange trend post.

Thank you for the beautiful work!