Jun 10, 2008

Brad's Shopping Spree

The word is that Brad Pitt attended Design Miami/Basel to shop for his family's new French mansion. This once a year event in Basel, Switzerland brings together the world's most prominent dealers, designers, collectors, curators, and critics to honor the greatest designs out there.

Now we all know that Brad has always been really into architecture and design (He is BFF with Frank Gehry). But he also apparently kept his house like a museum when he was with Jenn Aniston and the furniture was supposedly very uncomfortable and cold looking. That could have been a factor in the divorce! You never know...In Switzerland, he ended up purchasing two foam and reinforced fiberglass lamps by Atelier van Lieshout that represent a family...and it looks just like the Jolie-Pitts don't ya think?

If you were Angie, would you allow this piece in your home? What are your thoughts on it? Artistic or an abomination?

Brad then decided to peruse the furniture aisle and picked up a hollow white marble rococo-style table by Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven and he got a great deal on it. It was only $293,000. What a steal! I mean the table in my house is only about .0003 times the cost of his! We could almost be shopping buddies.


SimplyGrove said...

WOW! My house is just teeny bit more then that LAMP!! WHAT??!! Well, he is brad.

ACS said...

This little post made me laugh. Nice work Brad - the lamp is hideous. Money doesn't necessarily mean taste.