Jun 26, 2008

What's your fireplace style?

Fireplaces are such a big focal point in a Living Area that I love getting the chance to decorate one. There are infinite possibilities with a fireplace...What will be hung on the wall? Will the wall be painted an accent color? What will sit on the mantel? Ahh decisions, decisions! One thing I do know is that it's easy to make a large statement on this wall. It's usually the main focus in the room and can often be overlooked- a poorly decorated fireplace is really such a shame!

We gathered some of our favorite looks, giving you a chance to see the many ways to spruce up this area. Whether it's with color, sparkle, entertainment, functionality, texture, or pattern, a visually interesting fireplace will add a lot of energy and life to your Living area.

Some people love the look of a plasma screen on a fireplace wall; others are fearful that the heat might ruin their TV- but I guess that's why you shouldn't turn on both at the same time! Another factor is that the TV is no longer at normal viewing height. This bothers some; however, I think the photo above from Met Home, designed by Marjorie Skouras, is enough to put anyone's qualms to rest. I love how they are playing old movies in the background. It completes the look of this old Hollywood glam Living area. Not to mention the color of the fireplace accent wall- fabulous!

Another fireplace look that creates visual interest is to hang a carved crest or other decorative object on the wall... this antique tin architectural remnant paired with pretty French boule balls lining the mantel give this area some further appeal. (Featured in Traditional Home)

I love the oversized floral arrangement on this mantel designed by Julia Roth. You don't need much else when putting one of these against your fireplace wall. Another small object lines the mantel but the flowers emit enough of a wow factor to stun those who enter this otherwise simple room.

Shaun Jackson designed this room that was featured in Elle Decor. He placed a mirror above the fireplace making the room appear larger while also adding in a metallic element with the gold frame. Nice and minimal but makes a huge statement.

I love an oversized clock on a fireplace wall...talk about functional and attractive! I don't know about you but I am always scrambling out the door wondering what time it is and how many minutes late I already am. For someone who doesn't wear a watch, this clock would come in very handy!

To add color to your room, a simple piece of art work will do the trick. Depending on how large your fireplace is, you could do a series of two or just one large piece. I am a big fan of placing art work above the fireplace because the eye is immediately drawn to it and what's the point of purchasing art that's on a wall in which nobody sees? Monique Luhllier's house is the perfect example of how art can tie your color scheme together and also express your gorgeous style!

Or are you just the type that likes a ton of miscellaneous meaningful things on top of your mantel? Maybe a pretty vase, a small piece of art you are attached to, a bowl, candlestick- this wall has it all!
Whatever your fireplace preference is, do it up big and show off your creative style- afterall, you only have one Living Room and most likely only one fireplace too. Might as well go all out!


Fifi Flowers said...

My fireplace lacks style... still searching for the RIGHT mantle... for the time being it looks contemporary... does not fit in with the style of the rest of the house... it will someday.
Thanks for giving me ideas!

Todd said...

My fireplace style is stately and stony. Our living room in Ohio had an amazing stone fireplace that extended to the ceiling. It made the room so warm and cozy. I bought my wife a fireplace screen with our last initial in it. It was home.

fireplace screen said...

I choose to have a contemporary style because of it's characteristics that always look in present period which means doesn't fade away.