Jun 11, 2008

So ya think you know Kelly??

{picture via All the Best}

I just took this fun quiz on Casa Sugar. How much do you really know about Kelly Wearstler?? (I missed the question about her Husband's occupation).


Sacheverelle said...

I got one wrong as well, #8 which glossy voted Kelly best dressed?
I said Bazaar..
Kelly Wearstler's husband Brad Korzen founded the development company behind all those fancy hotels & propertis she decorates-the Viceroy, the Tides, the Avalon...so she always has lots of work. She's a smart one, that Kelly.
One thing I did not know is that he also graduated from law school.

Brad's company: www.thekorgroup.com/

Lauren said...

Very interesting! That Kelly, she's one smart cookie!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow, cool quiz...can't wait to take it!!


Alkemie said...

Very fun quiz! I only got 5 out of 8 :P Got the one about her husband but missed the one about best dressed as well.