Jun 1, 2008

Stylish Stamps

It was love at first site when I learned about Eames furniture in college through the book, 1000 Chairs. Charles and Ray Eames are still making waves even fifty years later...though this time it's not in the home, but rather on your outgoing mail! Sixteen (42 cent) stamps are being released June 17th honoring the Eames' outstanding career in furniture design. You can bet I will be sending out my bills with little Eames' plywood lounge chairs on them!


bandelle said...

If only I could afford a classic white Eames desk chair. Do you know if these stamps will be on sale at USPS or are they a special order item? My Star Wars stamps are almost out -- husband's choice!

Emily said...


Not sure actually! But they are so cute I need to find out ASAP! They will be replacing my American flag stamps- out with the old on with the new!