Jun 15, 2008

Material Girls Reunite!

This weekend I had the pleasure of reuniting with the other half of Material Girls, Lauren! She came to Dallas on Saturday and we had a blast catching up (after a year of not seeing each other since her wedding...wayy too long)

We started out our afternoon at Room Service Home Outlet. We had both never been before and had to scramble to get there before it closed- at 2pm! Luckily we made it there in time and still had an hour to shop! For those of you who have never been to the outlet, it's fabulous...great AFFORDABLE finds..I would highly recommend it! The ladies there were incredibly nice and helpful and overall, a fantastic shopping experience.

We love it all!

They had a great assortment of mirrored furniture there...and you know my obsession with anything mirrored

Lots of unique lamps at a great price

The bad news is that I didn't end up getting anything because I couldn't decide between two pieces of furniture..the good news is that I live five minutes from the outlet so I will be stopping by as often as I can to see what's new there. You know the garden stool I blogged about the other day? Well that one doesn't compare to THIS one I found at RS Home. The brass one to the very left will someday be mine...let's hope someone doesn't snatch it up!

I love this end table. Trying to sell my old furniture so I can make room for some new pieces like this one!

Lauren finding the end table of her dreams for...wait for it....$87! Deal of the century

Here's a close up of her new table...greek key design + antique mirrored glass= Lauren's weakness! You can't find furniture this inexpensive even at Target- and it's ten times cuter!

More fabulous lamps and little tables

All in all, it was a productive trip- we got to shop, catch up, visit the newly renovated Stoneleigh hotel which was perfection and then eat at the hotel restaurant...Lauren, come back soon!
Room Service Home Outlet
6334 Maple Ave. #750
Dallas, TX 75235


Fifi Flowers said...

Time has a way of slipping by doesn't it. I have a girlfriend who lives 2 or 3 miles from me... we are lucky if we see each other once a year... email is our main contact... who knows how long it would be before we ever talked if there was no internet... lol!

Elements of Style said...

So very jealous of your trip to this shop! I love their site!

Jessica Claire said...

dude I am so pissed none of these outlets are remotely close to Toronto, let alone near the border!

you're so lucky!!

ps- the greek table is so great!

Cote de Texas said...

ok - which one is cuter??? haha!! you are both so beautiful - heads must turn when you walk into a room.

Lauren said...

The outlet really is a great hidden little treasure (I do wish it was in Houston though)!

Joni you are tooooo sweet! Emily is a DOLL!

Alkemie said...

Wonderful store! I bet you gals had a an absolutely wonderful time! Nothing quite like the girls getting together. You two look so cute in the photo! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what days and times it's open? Thanks for the post!

Emily said...

I am pretty sure it is open Wed-Sat. Should be open until 4 on weekdays and 2 on Saturday. Hope this helps! You might want to call just to double check. Happy shopping! They have LOTS to choose from!