Nov 1, 2007

Beautiful Bathrooms

This picture from Point Click Home is a perfect example of how to incorporate elements that you would normally see in other areas of the home, in the bathroom. A zebra rug looks fabulous in any room, but is totally unexpected in a bathroom. The large slipcover chaise is inviting and in keeping with the simple color scheme. I think it is a wonderful idea to have a fireplace in a bathroom for those chilly mornings or romantic evenings. A large clam shell serves as attractive towel storage, and the campaign side table with tray top is a convenient resting place for bath salts or soap. Finally, the capiz chandelier is a whimsical touch!

This bathroom seen in House Beautiful illustrates many keys to a clutter free and unique space.

1) Use a large tray to keep bathroom items contained. This helps keep clutter to a minimum. Put ordinary, everyday items in attractive containers. Do not leave a plethora of products and dispensers on your countertops.
2) Framed mirrors make a bathroom feel more custom than that sheet of mirror your builder installed.
3) Tile at least one wall. This will make the bathroom feel more luxurious and will fare the moisture better than sheetrock.
4) Frameless shower doors are an instant update, take the glass as high as you can, and take out those fur-downs! This simple change will make your shower feel immensely larger.
5) Incorporate furniture in your bathroom, a chair is used here for towel storage.
6) Use beautiful tile (I prefer natural stone), but keep the patterns simple. Complicated patterns will quickly date the bathroom.

Mary McDonald is one of my favorite designers for a reason. I L-O-V-E this bathroom! It is glamorous, understated, and timeless.
So to refresh… use a piece (or two) of furniture to warm up the space, cut the clutter, keep the color scheme unified, and add that touch of the unexpected!

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