Nov 18, 2007

Piet Perfection

Who is Piet Mondrian? For those of you who don't know, he is a Dutch abstract painter from the 20th Century who produced famous paintings such as the one below:

His paintings might have been produced more than 80 years ago, but that doesn't stop designers from using them as inspiration for their clothes and home accessories.

At Fashion Week in Australia this year, Tina Kalivas' runway models strutted their stuff in shirts and dresses that gave off a Mondrian vibe. She used bold colors in geometric patterns just as Mondrian did and when paired with black, this look is sharp and a definite show stopper!

Geometric Interface FLOR tiles lay on the ground, while the paint on the wall was used to create a Piet look a like

This bronze tower floor lamp from Lamps Plus is a geometric genius design!

Here we have a wall sconce from CB2

Design Within Reach Rug

Design within Reach Shelving Unit

Z Gallerie Mirror

West Elm Dining Chair
With these mondrian mimics, you don't just get a piece of furniture or a home accessory, it's almost like you get a little piece of art also! These simple pieces all make big statements without being too embellished or ornate. They almost make me want to throw away all of my floral fabric and traditional furniture and start all over with a fresh modern look..well, maybe in my next life!

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What a great post! I love it when art and design intersect.