Jun 28, 2008

Run with it!

A few weeks ago, Karen, Kathy, and Lori from Runaway Design contacted Lauren and I to do a podcast interview. We couldn't have been more thrilled. These ladies run an online radio show that in a nutshell discusess everything Interiors! Whether it's interviewing professionals, giving advice, or showcasing home makeovers, Runaway Design is always enlightening their listeners. But besides design, Karen, Kathy and Lori have something else in common- they come from the same family! These three ladies are co-hosts and sisters. I come from a family of three girls myself and I can only imagine how much fun they have working together!

You can listen to our podcast here.

Thanks ladies! We had a blast chatting with you all!

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cotedetexas said...

Congratulations you two!!!! HOw exciting!!!!!!