Jun 8, 2008

Wisteria outlet in full bloom!

Friday I took a trip to the Wisteria outlet here in Carrollton. I was very surprised that they had SO many pieces there that are currently on their website! I mean the furniture at the outlet was about a fourth of the price of the normal cost of purchasing it from the website. I have a friend who furnished her entire apartment's Living Room in Wisteria Outlet for only $800 and it looks awesome!

Fun patio furniture

This mirrored chest was only $199!

Do these garden stools in the background look familiar? Maybe because they have VERY similar ones on the website now!

I love this chair! $499

All of these mirrors are on the Wisteria website currently and the prices at the outlet do not even come close to those on their website!

Hmmm wonder where I've seen this cream chair before??? I would much rather spend the outlet's mere $60-75 per chair as opposed to the $229 per chair on the website


Definitely go check out Wisteria Outlet- it won't disappoint!


Mélanie said...

I love these mirrored furniture ! Too bad I can not go to this outlet

London Calling said...

Wow! Didn't know about the outlet. Might be worth the drive from San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love a great deal! Can't believe how inexpensive everything is there. Wish there was a wisteria outlet near me:( Oh well! Love the post!

Teal Chic said...

Goodness, i love those chairs. I wish I was in Tx, and pick them up!

London Calling said...

Mentioned this post today on my blog. Telling readers to check it out. Thanks for the great post!

cotedetexas said...

omg omg I am dying!!! I want that desk SO bad but I don't have a place for it!!! And those chairs!! That chair you like isn't on the web site anymore - thats a great buy. omg - you are SO SO lucky!!!!!!

Tee said...

omg - thank you so much for this post! I went there today to check it out and practically went to heaven :) I am SO going back again!

Material Girls said...

PS- I hear Wisteria Outlet is having a big sale around 6/25 ish? I'm there!! It might be a blog post worthy moment! We shall see!

Alkemie said...

WOw what Knock out Prices!! Love the mirrored chests - can't believe the prices on them and the chairs too!