Jun 3, 2008

We've been tagged!

(My mom and I- my favorite design mentor!)

We've been tagged by Carolina of Carolina Eclectic- be sure to check her blog out. She has great eye candy over there! Thanks again Carolina!

What I was doing 10 years ago...
Well, I was finishing up my Freshman year of High School at Ursuline Academy in Dallas...looking forward to September of Sophomore year when I would get my nice shiny maroon 1985 Volvo for my 16th birthday (my grandma's old car). Trust me, it was the highlight of my highschool career. Aside from school, I was into my art classes at Ursuline, rearranging my room (which led to a love for decorating), writing plays for fun, and trying to survive Freshman Spanish class...did a lot of good when I went to Costa Rica last month and did not know a word of Spanish. So much for that private school education!

Five Things on My To-Do-List (in no particular order)
1. Update my Quickbooks (which I am dreading!)
2. Find gold sconces for my Dining Room and a pair for my bedroom
3. Finish reading my design magazines for the month (as well as my weekly People Magazine)
4. Plan road trips to Austin, Houston, and Norman
5. Research how to become a Certified Home Stager

Snacks I Enjoy
Just like Lauren, I love salt...it's an unhealthy obsession where I end up going to Chuy's for the sole purpose of getting salt with a side of chips and their jalapeno ranch dip. I also love chocolate chip cookies...I am a regular at Tiff's Treats downtown where you can get freshly baked cookies until 11 pm! My boyfriend and I often come back with 18 or so that last a mere few days.

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
I have never been as much of a clothes person as I am a house person. I would have to say that I'd put a good amount in decorating my house (or houses) for that matter. I would also love to open a quaint store like Sample House or Again and Again and sell all of my favorite finds! Of course I would give money towards causes/organizations that I am passionate about. I would love to support Big Brothers/Big Sisters in any way that I could (been a member for a couple years now) and think it's a great way to get involved with the community. Also, I would go abroad (which I have never done before) and stay in Italy for as long as I could- not to mention, buy a house on Lake Como just like George Clooney!

Places I have Lived...
Norman, OK and Dallas, TX

Person I want to know more about...Sorry I have to pick two- Decorno (because I am often laughing out loud when I read her blog!) and The Peak of Chic (because she has great style and I can't get enough of her posts!)


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were such a "youngster"! You two girls are super cute :)

cotedetexas said...

You are so beautiful!!! I'm loving your blog = ok , I just added you. Love that you live in Dallas. I"m a house person too - my mom and I say, "we do houses, not clothes" (Though she does do clothes, too!)

Material Girls said...

Thanks for the add Joni! I know, it's really confusing... we were Dear Designer until we found out there is that news column in Vegas-Dear Designer..soo we changed it to Material Girls in December and just might have confused a few people! But the Material Girls name is here to stay don't worry! haha. My mom and I are the same way! We stay up all hours of the night staring at new pieces of furniture and would rather wear yoga pants all day every day and spend our $ on our houses! She LOVES your blog...she goes to Houston to visit my sister every couple of weeks and stops in at all the places you mention on your posts!