Jul 15, 2008

Fabrics with a punch!

I just received the new Pottery Barn catalog and apparently this fall it is all about the graphic print! Whether it's on a piece of furniture, rug, bedding, or pillow, their new fabrics are sure to make a very large statement. P Barn's 50 distinctive fabrics give customers a lot of options. They can also choose from five chair frames (see above) to get upholstered in a PB fabric of their choosing.

I love the neutral graphics- a subtle way to bring a lot of excitement into your Living Room!

I love how PB is not as boring as it used to be- their collections just keep getting more and more lively!


Unknown said...

dammit , i was just going to do a post on this- that sh*t is kinda pretty!

who knew?

ps i might still do the post- don't have anything else up my sleeve to blog about at the moment...

Material Girls said...

Ha! I know I have had bloggers block lately too- I was fortunate to get the PB catalog in the mail so suddenly so I would have something to write about! Do the PB post too- I'm sure you would have a different spin on it!

Unknown said...

decorno posted a PB pic today too!