Jul 19, 2008

Words of wisdom from Stephen Drucker

House Beautiful's editor Stephen Drucker gives his thoughts on Interior Design in today's economy...do you think it's an unnecessary luxury right now or do you agree with Stephen and think that design is always a priority and you personally would not forgo a nice home?

I think you know my answer...I would rather cut costs other places. I don't need really expensive clothes or jewelry, nor do I need fancy electronics like a big plasma tv or even a really nice car...decorating is my passion and I can't imagine giving up this passion in my own home. It ends up being where most of my money goes. Coming home to a blank palette would be very depressing and I think we all need color to invigorate us day in and day out.

Design- luxury or a necessity?


Linda Merrill said...

I think it's an unnecessary luxury if it's between putting food on the table or paying for insurance. But a pretty table cloth and fresh flowers will always make you feel better. And new appliances have great energy saving options that are better for the environment and the pocket book over the long run - that's not luxury. Paying little more for a better quality sofa that will last twice as long as a cheap one is not luxury - it's common sense. Paying a professional to help make choices so mistakes aren't made (the wrong size appliances or sofa - for instance) - Priceless! Well, if not priceless, then at least a good investment.

Things That Inspire said...

Interesting question, and I suspect that Stephen is trying to put a positive spin on things because (so I have heard) sales are way down for luxury furniture and fabrics. I would be interested to hear if things are slow for your readers who are designers, but I suspect that this is a slow time of year anyway.

A beautiful home is a priority to me, and I try to buy quality items that I absolutely love rather than fill my home with 'stuff'. If I am worried about money or the budget, though, I am not going to run out and redo something just because I may be tired of it (like my dated kitchen that is not what I want, but works very well).

Anonymous said...

My crew(friends and family)is spending more time at each others homes(gas and restaurant prices). With this said, I noticed we are ramping up our entertaining skills.....table settings, movies at home, sharing books. For those of us who are lucky enough to only have to tighten a bit, this economy has brought some warmth and closeness that I have not experienced in a long time.

Great food for thought! Ginny

Mango Gal said...

Thank you so much for posting his comment! I thought it was great advice. Lately my husband and I have found ourselves making our home more comfortable and spending more time there with friends and family rather than going out. After all, with all the craziness out there, your home should be your haven.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Stephen! Even if its cutting some flowers from a field and putting them in a recycled jam jar to set on the nightstand. Even studied show that your environment affects your mood and behaviors.