Jul 22, 2008

Urban Chic

Ever since I started working on a pediatric dentist office in Georgetown six months ago, I have had kid furniture on the mind! It is so much fun to shop for and aside from the obvious cute places like Pottery Barn Kids, etc, I have recently discovered that Urban Outfitters has some very young, fun furniture that would go great in a kids setting, dorm, college apartment or even in a young professional's loft! (not to mention, it is very easy on the wallet!)

Here are some of my favorite pieces that they offer right now...

This Antoinette fainting sofa in apple green was one of the first pieces of furniture that Kelly (my "client") called and told me she REALLY wanted for the dentist office- not sure how well this sofa would uphold with kids running around the office every day and it doesn't so much match our color scheme anymore, but I am still so in love with this tufted sofa...comes in a few different colors!

Or add a touch of class with a slipper chair

Fabulous geometric rug- 5x7- only $68! View it here

This Real Good Chair (that is literally the name) comes in turquoise and how could we forget this chair? It was featured in a design magazine about a year ago but in red...was it Elle Decor? The magazine let readers know that you can buy it at BluDot but we know the real secret..you can get it at Urban for $25 cheaper!

This table from Urban looks like something pulled out of the West Elm catalog- but less pricey!
For only $125, you can get quick style on a budget!

I love a good coat rack and this one is sooo cute. $68! Not sure if I will be needing this coat rack anytime soon in sweltering Texas but my purses might need a new home!

White lacquer mini spindle lamp base- $19.99- need I say more?

I have already been through my obsession with coat racks, but we have never seen one this charming. It's a mini coat rack jewelry stand! This price is a tad less than the larger one- $24!

Are you in fast need of an inexpensive upholstered headboard? How about this velvet one for $325- clean and modern lines with button tufts- accomodates full or queen size beds
I love all of their bright colors and funky furniture....with back to school being just around the corner, Urban would be a great place to decorate a college apartment in style!


Unknown said...

Ooh! I love that rug for my breakfast room. Have you seen it in person? How is the quality?

Material Girls said...

I know, that rug is SO cute...never seen it in person- do you all have an Urban in Houston? Which is probably a stupid question b/c you all have EVERYTHING in houston that we have here!

cotedetexas said...

I just used that Antioinette bench in a teenager's bedroom in the lilac color. It actually is pretty hardy! Have you seen all the colors it comes in? And i think Target has one very similar too. Don't be afraid to use it, it was pretty well made, esp. for the cost.