Mar 6, 2008

Baby craze!

So what is with this Hollywood Baby Boom that’s taken over the pages of Us Weekly lately? I swear there must be something in the water in L.A.!

The good news is that for every celeb baby, there is also another celeb nursery…what more could you ask for! Just like their baby names, the celeb rooms keep getting more and more ridiculous, opulent, and just plain over the top- which we love of course!

Here is a list of our top ten celebrity baby’s rooms we would LOVE to get a peek into! We are pretty positive they are out of control and about nine times the size of my bedroom!

1) Suri Cruise
2) Violet Affleck
3) Kingston Rossdale
4) Hazel/Phinneaus Moder
5) Coco Arquette
6) Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
7) Barron Trump
8) Moses Martin
9) Harlow Richie
10) Max and Emme Lopez

This photo from Us Weekly, is of Trista and Ryan Sutter's baby Max's nursery. We love the crisp and classic brown and white stripes with blue and green accents. Very sophisticated and something little Max can grow into!

I adore Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's baby nursery (son is named Liam). It's so trendy and up to date- we can't wait to see their next baby's room! (child currently on the way- check back at our site in about 6 months)

This light, airy, and subdued nursery is that of actress Terri Polo from Meet the Parents. The wall mural is so soft in the background- it almost disappears! Her room is a nice deviation from all of the bold and bright nurseries out there. This nursery would put me right to sleep that's for sure...

Then we have the polar opposite- Amanda Peet's nursery featured in Domino. Love the framed Funny Girl poster on the wall. This room has a lot of charisma and personality. Definitely a one of a kind design. Notice the owl pillow on the daybed- so cute!

Next we have Jaime Pressly's nursery designed for her son in a "jungle" theme. Using primary colors, her nursery is a bit more bold than some of the others we've seen but it also has a lot of life to it- especially with the Jungle Book inspired wall art.

Recently, this room was featured in People Magazine. It belongs to one of the newest celebrity moms, Christina Aguilera and her newborn son Max. Christina definitely went all out on this room- no question! The floor to ceiling moon makes the large and desolate room seem a bit more cozy. My favorite book was Goodnight Moon when I was growing up (remember that one?) so I have a soft spot for moons! Although the face of the moon is a bit scary, I think it's a cute added touch. What are your thoughts on the crib being in the middle of the room?

Brooke Burke's pink and blue (boy and girl) nursery. I love the painted wall!

Ok so this isn't a nursery, we cheated, but it is a little girl's room of a celeb we know quite well! This is Gwyneth's daughter Apple's room. Just darling!

If you want your nursery decked out as lavish and adorable as some of our favorite celebs, Nursery Couture is your place! With all the trendiest nursery bedding, furniture, décor and rugs, this place is a one stop shop...not to mention, you will be the stylish mom in town!

Nursery Snuggler- Giraffe Print- Light Blue

Nursery Sheet- Blue Octagon

One of Nursery Couture's top selling sets! Called "Modern Girl Bedding- Morgan"

Nursery pink and brown Lamp Shade- of course they pick the cutest baby name for the shade- makes it look even more irresistable!

Jane bookcase in lavender- its shelves are very eye catching!

Nursery Islands Ultra Bedding Bundle- what a cute print! So very mod!

I have always had some weird fixation with monkeys- I think they make the most adorable children's gift. Whether it's on a piece of art, a stuffed animal, or even for a child's Halloween costume, the monkey has to be the cutest and funniest animal on this planet. How can you resist this piece of hanging monkey art? I love the stylish colors in this I just need someone I know to get pregnant so I can shower their child in monkey decor!

Another popular bedding set- the Avery collection

Crowns + monogram= incredibly chic! Available on canvas

You need the essential pieces of furniture for your baby's room- this Ashbury Glider is one of them- comes in adorable pink fabric and trimmed in white. Love the pillow!

One of our favorite girly pillows from Nursery Couture. Young, fun, and always in style!

Now that we are on the topic, what's your favorite baby name? Do you go more towards the traditional with a name like Catherine or do you favor the unexpected and daring like...Jermajesty or Pilot Inspektor (both celeb baby names- go figure!) I would have to say my favorite name of the moment is Lily.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful decoration.....

Patricia Gray said...

What a fun posting on nurseries!!

Topsy Turvy said...

I think a round crib in the middle of a room is great, however that particular crib seems lost in that huge room, and that moon is very scary! Love the Nursery Couture pillow! Lana

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Fab idea, those of us with littles love to see what the celebs do. I loved Amanda Peet's daughter's room gorg!

Jennifer Ramos said...

I really LOVED Amanda Peet's nursery the minute i saw it. Just goes 2gether so well! The pinks are my favorite.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Jessica Claire said...

apple's room is so darling- i love the bright pops of pink. They don't make you gag like some other pink little girl rooms have the potential to do

But do NOT care for x-tina's room. The moon is the stuff of nightmares and that mural makes me think of anime on drugs

am i being too harsh? haha

Sacheverelle said...

The new People has this feature on Jennifer Lopez photographed in her new nursery. Wow, it's like the most overly-elegant, well-appointed & inexplicably un-child friendly nursery EVER.
There's mirrored furniture(!), lighting dripping with crystal (hello choking hazard), what appears to be silk upholstered seating in shades of cream, floor length silk drapes..more like a swanky hotel suite or one of those ultra-glam boudoir/dressing rooms. Definitely a gorgeous room, yet I'm not sure I like it because it is so ostentatious, even for J Lo.

Brooke said...

Great post!

About Emily... said...

Thanks for the comments! I agree with you all- the moon in Christina's room is a bit scary! I could have done without that. On another note, I cannot WAIT to see J LO's twins' room- I can imagine it is as out of control as you say it is, Sacheverelle! Might have to make a continued nursery blog post and add hers in!

Sacheverelle said...

YES, please do a post on the J Lo nursery!

Kenziepoo said...

I love all the nursery pics...Great blog by the way!

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