Mar 23, 2008

More Mirror Love

{Ethan Allen Mirror - "similar to shown" tremeau mirror in the office of Drew Barrymore featured in this month's Domino}

The mirror posts are really self-serving because I am on a mission to find the perfect mirror for above my current sofa.  I want a versatile mirror that would look great framed by my sconces I picked up at the Guild Shop.  
This chic mirror hails from Thomasville?!  Who knew?!  I usually loathe the big-chain-uber-goopy -"old worlde" furniture stores with the commission sales people breathing down your neck, but I do peruse the websites because I am a big believer that you can find at least one stylish thing in ANY store.  
I could hardly wait for my Domino to arrive so I could see a full shot of Drew Barrymore's tremeau mirror that hangs above her sofa in her office.  It did not disappoint.  The "similar to shown" mirror (seen at the top of the post) they source is from Ethan Allen .   I like to think that my antique sofa is similar in shape to Drew's and will one day (after I decide on a fabric) be as chic.   

I have not given up on having the Mecox Mirror made, but I do love to having options!  


sharonkreighbaum said...

I do love these mirrors. They have such a great historic feeling and museum like vibe. They seem more intriguing like antiques than the mass manufactured store finds that they are.

maison21 said...

ok, love that mirror, but as i'm loathe to go find a thomasville store, do we have any idea of it's retail price?

About Lauren... said...

Yes, I called (I couldn't stand to go in either) and it is $599. Thanks for stopping by, Maison21, I love your blog!

maison21 said...

thanks for checking, lauren! (and thanks for the kind words, too).

i guess i'm not running out to where ever the heck a thomasville store even is (though if it were closer to say, 299, i guess i'd be schleping out to the san fernando valley. i'm sure there is one out there somewhere...)

Cote de Texas said...

That is Ethan Allen??????? gorgeous!! i wonder how much.

Cote de Texas said...

oops, just read the other comments.