Mar 16, 2008

The 'White' Stuff

With Easter coming up next weekend and with the rule- "you can only wear white between Easter and Labor Day..." Whoever made up that rule must not wear winter white! Anyways, with Spring upon us (finally!) I wanted to share with you the company, Whiteport- an online retailer who sells all guessed it- WHITE! (and cream, silver, gray and glass products as well)

Whiteport was founded by Jennifer McCabe in 2007 featuring a stylish white palette of home decor, gifts, and accessories. Now living in Australia, Jennifer felt that the white complements the extensive Australian landscape quite well. Jennifer quotes- "Our products look equally good in a city loft apartment or a sprawling beach house. White products are simple, timeless, and complement any color scheme."

White Butler's Tray

Wychmere Candle Holders

White Orleans Vase

Brewster Serving Tray
We love their products- they are crisp, chic, and can go in any interior! Throw the rules out the window, and dare to decorate and dress in white all year round!


SimplyGrove said...

Love Love your blog! I just you on my links and will be a regular reader!

SimplyGrove said...

I ment to say "added you on my links"!