Mar 5, 2008

Dark and Daring

There is something about a dark painted room that really captivates me. A dark wall makes a room look so mysterious and cozy. It is often very rare to walk into a house and see the darkest color from a paint chart on a person’s wall. Why do dark paint colors get pushed to the wayside? I think one of the reasons is that most people are too afraid to go too dark. They want to go lighter in the hopes of their room appearing larger and are afraid that the dark will end up looking too depressing. Most people prefer light, neutral, and safe as opposed to bold, dark, and colorful. I can understand this- I can be one of those people! Especially knowing that dark paint can fade and is hard to touch up makes it even less appealing to some.

But what about all those rebels out there who go out on a whim and paint an entire room a very dark shade? Well, nine times out of ten it ends up looking really quite fabulous!

This post is meant to acknowledge those risk-takers who go against the typical cream, beige, lilac, sage, and sky blue only to surprise the rest of us with their daring choices of espresso, plum, burgundy, and midnight blue.

A room designed by Julia Roth, the niches next to the fireplace are painted with Barn Red by Donald Kaufman Color Collection. This dark color adds depth to the niche.

Featured in this month's House Beautiful, this chic Living Room is painted a deep chocolate brown. My favorite look in a dark room is pairing the deep color with white trim- such a classy and crisp look that enhances the room's architecture.

I have never been a huge fan of dark blue, but how could you not love it coupled with pear green? This dark shade makes the dining area a little more intimate and formal

The dark brown walls in this gorgeous dining room give the room a bit more drama. Without this deep hue, the room just would not have the same effect- especially with such a light seating area and chandelier, this room is begging for dark walls!

In Domino's February issue, they featured deep purple as being the new "it" color. They balanced the Ralph Lauren Embassy Purple (#TH59) walls with Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois molding (OC-13) and painted the wall above the paneling in Early Morning Mist (#1528)- another Benjamin Moore favorite.

A special home feature in The Dallas Morning News shows (yet again) that dark colors are what's stylish and chic in today's homes. Brown and green is such a trendy combination these days (not to mention that gorgeous zebra rug)- who wouldn't want to lounge around in this cozy distinct Living area?

David Hicks designed this Living space in what he called a lacquered "Coca Cola" color.

A Dining Room designed by Nate Berkus, displays deep toned walls that almost give the room a "space-like" atmosphere. The infinite abyss in the background and the planet/sun-like art would make anyone feel like they are in a far away extraordinary place.

Another example of deep brown walls, (photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy) provides the perfect backdrop for exquisite gold accessories and bold red fabric. I love this regal look.

This room (courtesy of The Peak of Chic blog) is painted in a deep navy. The dark color makes the light furniture and art work stand out even more! Rule of thumb- if you are going to go really dark on your walls, you should keep most everything else light so your decor won't disappear into the wall.
House Beautiful each month asks designers which paint colors they have been dying to try...most of their answers include bold, dark and dramatic choices. Here are a few below:

Benjamin Moore- Midnight Navy 4012

Benjamin Moore- Grappa 1393

Farrow and Ball- Mahogany 36

Benjamin Moore- Deep River 1582


Mélanie said...

I love your post . I love the dramatic side of a dark room

Patricia Gray said...

I love these deep bold colors, esp BM Grappa!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Thanks for this (and other) posts. I'm in process of moving to Berlin (having just secured my apartment last week) and have started thinking about decorating the new abode, thus have been googling my ideas. Each idea I google brings me back to your blog! Great site... and by the way, I think I'm going to go "dark and daring" in the second half of my new double living room! I'll have to send you pics when all is said and done! Thanks again!
The Antiques Diva

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Hi antiques diva! Glad you found us! Good luck on your home- would love to see the photos when it's done!! Please email them to me- your dark and daring living room sounds fabulous!