Mar 29, 2008

Baby glam?

One of our readers requested that we post a follow up to our celeb baby nursery post with one featuring Jennifer Lopez' newborn twins nursery. I finally had a chance to read the article in People magazine and I have to agree with Sacheverelle, her nursery is outrageous. Chandeliers, silver rattles displayed on silver platters, ornate cribs with canopies, mirrored furniture, a fireplace, soft muted colors, floor length silk drapes, and bows tied around everything, this nursery is indeed way over the top! J Lo has managed to outdo all of our previous celeb nurseries by far. Although sources say that staff from Parents magazine are very upset at the nursery's safety issues...go figure! I mean was she serious when she decorated this room? What's your vote?

This nursery is indeed gorgeous but will Max and Emme really ever remember their first room or care if their cribs were enveloped in the finest linens? I mean honestly!

I guess for newborns that were given custom made fur wraps by Dolce and Gabbana, nothing is too much or too glam for these kiddos! Can't wait to see her next baby's room!


Alkemie said...

WOW. That is SOME over the top Crib! Thanks for sharing. It was definitely fun to gawk at :)


Teal Chic said...

Will Jennifer and Mark adopt me?! Thanks for the post!