Nov 17, 2007

X-cellent Apartment Style

So every month we decided to feature the Interior Design of a movie set that catches our eye. This month it is the almost out on video, The Nanny Diaries. I must say, I loved the book; however, I hear the movie doesn't quite live up to the book's potential.

I am anxiously awaiting its arrival at Blockbuster, purely for the set design- we hear that it's fantastic! (All 12 rooms and 5 baths of it!)

Andrew Basemen (the set designer) did an incredible job in making the X's apartment look traditional, classy, "old money", and especially a reflection of their personalities.

Some of you might have already seen Mr. and Mrs. X's traditional Manhattan apartment on the big screen, but for those of you who haven't, here is a sneak preview:

Can you believe Mrs. X's closet? All of those designer shoes perfectly organized and don't forget that gorgeous vanity!

Laura Linney (playing Mrs. X)- we love all of the cool blue hues in her bedroom

Tranquil and traditional Guest Room

Ironic how they have such a large kitchen, but I can't imagine Mrs. X cooking a thing!

Andrew (the set designer) told, he acted counterintuitively, creating a room "as uncomfortable for kids as possible, which is the opposite I do for my clients"

Son's Bedroom

Clean and contemporary furniture coupled with traditional accessories make this living room chic and fabulous

Entry Hall- everything is perfectly symmetrical and rightfully in its place- shows Mrs. X's strict personality

Exterior Elevator Hall- Can you believe that table was only $100 and the glass bird lamps were only $65 each?

We love the cream on cream palette of this dressing room
Traditional Home actually had a contest when the movie first came out where you could win the Henredon furniture from the set! Too bad we got word of this 6 months later..

All I have to say is that as cold and cruel as Mrs. X was in the book, I have to admit, she does have fabulous taste!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!

The Paris Apartment said...

Hot S*#t!

Mish Downey said...

Haven't seen the Nanny Diaries yet, hope its better than the book!
My favourite recent movie house or apatment is definitely Diane Keaton's house in the Hamptons in "Something's Got To Give", or Cameron Diaz's bedroom in the "The Holiday"!

Things That Inspire said...

I enjoyed this movie for the set! Sometimes, I get distracted by the beauty of the design rather than the plot of the movie.

There are two TV shows whose sets are magnificent: Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money. Maybe the topic of a future profile?

Material Girls said...

I have gotten so many great ideas for new movie/tv sets posts that I might have to do a post on them once a week instead of once a month! Thank you all for the great suggestions! :)
Haven't seen Dirty Sexy Money but I LOVE the set of Gossip Girl!

Wallflower Diaries said...

I love movie sets and Nanny Diaries was so cute.