Jul 15, 2008

Guess that celebrity home!

Celebrity homes are often way over the top- each one fighting to have the bigger house...more times than not, the larger they get, the uglier they are. Do you remember Nick and Jessica's house from Newlyweds? Every wall was painted beige and they did not have anything in there that showed an ounce of their personality- very boring. Or even the Lohan's house on the new E! Show, Living Lohan- outdated and just plain awful.

Just because they are a celeb and have a large home, it doesn't guarantee style or character. So we compiled a quiz of some of the best and worst celeb homes out there and want to see if someone out there can guess all 16 right! (no cheating!) By the time I finish typing up this quiz, there is no guarantee that each of these celebs still owns his/her house...they move around like it's no ones business...and it is of course everyone's business!

1) This star now has a block of her own...but she was once quoted that she was "from the block"_________________
2) This is the Malibu house of a celebrity whose girlfriend just gave birth to a set of twins in France. _____________________
3) This celeb home is in Georgia; however, this same celeb has a few different homes all over the country. One house was in Austin- she sued its home developer for a nightmare of "broken promises, broken dreams and failure to take responsibility" for her Austin house. _________________

4) This is the beachfront home of the now famous actress who won Miss Ohio USA in 1986. __________________

5) This house in Calabasas belongs to a famous celeb couple who have been together for 11 years and are very close friends of TomKat. _______________________
6) This house in Great Britain belongs to an old rocker who once had a family reality show on MTV _____________________
7) This brunette celeb couple lives in this Beverly Hills mansion. Her first big break was being cast in Bruce Springsteen's video "Dancing in the Dark" and he is the youngest of five, having all famous celeb siblings. ____________________
8) This estate in Great Britain is the home of the most talked about woman of the moment rumored to be having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. ____________________

9) This house in Kentwood Louisiana belongs to a pop singer who got her start on the Mickey Mouse Club. _____________________

10) This widowed lady has only recently made up with her estranged daughter. She was wife to one of the most famous tv producers of all time who graduated from SMU Dallas. _________________

11) This famous comedian was one of the voices in the pixar film, Bee Movie. ______________

12) A trained pilot, this actor played the famous role of "Danny" in a movie early in his career. ________________

13) This retreat on Lake Como is a favorite of the actor who got his start on Roseanne. _____________________

14) This house is owned by a celebrity couple who have been together 25 years and still aren't married (no, it's no Oprah and Steadman). They were in a movie together in the 80's where she falls off a ship and gets amnesia. _______________

15) This house is on a show on the E! channel featuring three pretty blondes. __________________
16) This is the home of a woman who came out of jail wearing a poncho she had knitted. ___________________
Will update you with the answers next week! Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

not a clue on number 3- the rest, easy.

will smith's home (and john travolta's) are monstrosities from above. courtney cox's place, however, looks amazing from above (i didn't know they had a place in beverly hills, just malibu, but i guess i shouldn't be surprised because fixin' and flippin' is courtney's hobby.

wish *i* could afford to have a hobby on that scale!

cotedetexas said...

I can't figure out who was Miss Ohio? Cindy Crawford or is it Fran Drescher? God, I just don't know!!!!

Brittany said...

How Fun! I wanna play!

1. JLO
2. Angelina Jolie
4. Halle Barry
6. Ozzie?
7. Courtney Cox
8. Madonna?
9. Britney Spears
10. Presley?
11. Seinfield
12. Duh.. John Travolta
13. John Goodman... is he dead?
14. Goldie maybe? Who's the man? Can't think of his name.
16. Martha

ooo I did worse than I thought I would. I need to pick up a gossip magazine I guess!

Material Girls said...

Maison, apparently Court has a place in Bev Hills (according to TMZ) but who knows- those crazy actors have places everywhere- why didn't I go into that profession?

Anonymous said...

I repped a highend linen company and spent time with Candy Spelling in her home(55,000 sq.ft.) The entrance has 2 matching circular staircases and matching tapestries. Her office has matching desks and credenzas at each end. Even her secretaries matched with same hairdos. I saw her famous "doll room" and a beautiful round breakfast rm filled with Herend.

Ms. Spelling was extremely gracious and casual in her dealings with me. So down to earth that she sat cross legged on the floor and had girl talk. Her staff was very comfy. I know why her daughter Tori seems so "real". I loved your posts and you have be come a favorite. Ginny

Anonymous said...

1. jennifer lopez
2. brad pitt
3. sandra bullock
4. halle barry
5. will and jada pinkett smith
6. ozzy osbourn
7. courtney cox
8. madonna
9. britney spears
10. candy spelling
11. jerry seinfeld
12. john travolta
13. george clooney
14. goldie hawn
15. playboy mansion
16. martha stewart

Anonymous said...

1. J Lo
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Halle Berry
5. ?
6. Ozzy Osbourne
7. Courtney Cox David Arquette
9. Britney Spears
10. Candy Spelling
11. ?
12. John Travolta
13. George Clooney
14. Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell
15. Playboy Mansion
16. Martha Stewart

I need to get a life right ?

Anonymous said...

OMG, your not lying....sometimes bigger DOES NOT mean better...just a big pile of messy bricks is how some of these homes look. Some are unique and tasteful but goodness....some of the homes looks like they were hastily built or too many additions were PILED ON not strategically ADDED ON. I seriously could not have millions of dollars invested in some of these homes.....oh no.....most just don't look worth it AT ALL.

Marksie said...
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Marksie said...

Will Smith House is great, it is very huge, I remember Eddie Murphy house when I was looking in the house of Will Smith. I bet the interior is luxury. :0

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