Jul 25, 2008

The Princess and the Canopea

So I think I finally decided what I am going to do for my new bedroom scheme...I got new bedding in the white and blue/gray color from RH (so thanks to them, I now have to redo my entire bedroom around it!) Of course I am not complaining but my boyfriend thinks I am crazy for redoing my entire bedroom when my other stuff "worked fine"

I eventually want to repaint my room more of a Ben Moore blue/gray and I think I have decided on this scheme- cream, blue/gray, and camel...I want to keep it very light, airy and relaxing (as well as glam) so I can decompress when I come home from a hard day's work...

I found this Robert Allen fabric that I really like for a long bolster on my bed....it was very difficult to find a blue/gray fabric- (you would think it'd be easy) but everything out there is either a brighter blue or more of a turquoise! But I know that eventually the turquoise era will start fading so I don't want to invest too much into that right now...I think gray blue is on the rise!
In addition to this, I want to bring in some neutrals with a leopard accent

I then found a piece of greek key trim that matched perfectly with the leopard- I could line the sides of either cream or blue drapery panels with this trim. I then want to do a sunburst mirror above my bed for an added metallic element and crystal lamps...then comes the bench at the end of my bed- I want to get a cheap bench and recover it in a blue velvet fabric with TUFTING! (As I am envisioning my new bedroom, I can just see the money depleting from my bank account.....) so maybe we can shoot to have this done by Christmas so I can pick up some of these new bedroom pieces for my birthday along the way :)

But what bedroom is complete without a new bed? I've had an iron bed since college and would really love to get a new canopy bed at some point. I think they are very romantic and add some drama to an otherwise lackluster setting.

Here are some of my favorite canopy beds that I long for:

Carolina Herrera's Bedroom- there she goes stealing my leopard and sunburst ideas! Such a cute bedroom- we love

This room was featured in Domino...I love the added fabric to the canopy- softens up all of the straight lines and adds some visual interest through the fabric's pattern

This room was made for a princess! I love this iron bed from Anthropologie...these are the exact colors I want for my bedroom...

This photo was featured in Domino...what a chic space! The bold black and white combination really makes the room more dramatic and the bed benches are so eye catching...I love a mirror above a bed too..if I wasn't doing blue for my bedroom already, my next choice would definitely be pink!

Photo from Met Home or is it Elle Decor? Anyone know? I have featured this photo before in "The Best Of" blog post...I love the color of this canopy- not stark white but not a dark wood stain either..perfection!

Nice traditional canopy bed in where else? Traditional Home mag..this room looks incredibly homey and inviting

Bedroom featured in William Sonoma Home catalog...the soft green is the perfect color combination to go with orange, cream and the stain on the wood canopy...the green fades into the background and lets the bed take center stage

A little bit more of a funky twist on the regular canopy bed...yellow! As we all know, yellow, black and white have been such a prevalent color scheme this year...a very trendy room. I also love how they added the rustic trunk in to mix up the mod setting and not to mention, I love love love when designers put curtains behind a canopy or even attached to the canopy- it gives you something else to put on the wall instead of the normal artwork or mirror

This canopy is a lot darker, more severe, and "heavier" looking than some of the others but the whimsical lighting and antique bench create a less serious setting in here

Can I add this room to the "Best Of" post too? It's flawless- there isn't anything I would change..imagine coming home to this tranquil setting..and the chair in the corner is to die for- featured in Elle Decor a few months back

Ruthi Sommers bedroom- this was my original inspiration for my bedroom- the orange and blue idea but it got REALLY difficult for me to find anything I liked in those colors so I nixed the idea altogether- only Ruthie can really pull something like this off!

A Miles Redd room featured in Elle Decor...lovely! This was a Lauren "Best Of" room

This room is a little more rustic than I would normally go for my own home, but it's still fun and the greens and blues add a nice softness to the room. They used curtains for this canopy also- I can see this bedroom in a pretty vacation home

This room was featured in House Beautiful- love the settee at the end of the bed...I seem to always be drawn to the blue hued calm looking bedrooms...I think that's the inner me telling me to relax, take a break, and get off the computer!

And who could forget little Apple Paltrow's canopy? Love all of the hot pink and her matching step stool is adorable

This photo was Country Living's "House of the Year" bedroom...I am obsessed with the wallcovering- the gray/black/white combination with touches of soft pink is too pretty for words!

Canopy from the new Pottery Barn catalog...lots of fun bright colors here- they make the white canopy really pop!

And of course we had to share with you that striking Miles Redd designed bedroom with the gorgeous canopy every blogger has talked about...the Anthropologie one featured above is a very similar knockoff!


LMN said...

Omg! This is my favorite post yet! I love every single room!

Anonymous said...

The Country Living bedroom is so pretty, peaceful and serene. I too am in love with that wallpaper. Do you think it would grow old and trendy fast? The color scheme is beautiful and ageless but not sure about the paper. Please advise me.

SimplyGrove said...

Great post!!!!! Great Homework!!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Robert Allen fabric and where can I find it? Great post!

Unknown said...

love the domino bedroom with the canopy attached to the ceiling- i'm not a fan of the 4-post bed because so often there is shaking, but that eliminates the problem.

ps- my bedroom is gray/blue, so i think your color scheme is quite chic!

Neutral Dwelling said...

Love your fabric selections!

Topsy Turvy said...

I love your color & fabric choices. They are stylish without being over-trendy, so you won't tire of them so fast. Can't wait to see the finished result.


Material Girls said...

Thanks you guys for the comments! I'll have to post a pic of the room if/when it ever gets done :)

Anon- I think that wallpaper is pretty timeless...it's kind of that brocade home look...I don't think it's going to go out anytime soon. It's pretty traditional looking to me- I love it! You should go for it..

2nd anon- the R.A. fabric is called Hilbert Estate- color: Rain
Can get it at Robert Allen (there is one in Dallas- not sure where you are located)

Maison- would love to see a photo of your gray/blue room- I bet it's amazing! Great minds think alike!

Angela said...

I love the cool and simple room. Tranquility is what a gal needs at the end of a crazy day!

TIG said...

Great collection of canopy beds -- you've included some of my favourites, as well as some I haven't seen, such as the beautiful room nine images down, with the pretty lighting and antique bench.