Jul 6, 2008

Swank Update!

We have previously featured the gorgeous lamps of Swank Lighting back in a November post. Ed and Doug (the owners of Swank) have been extremely busy this year and now we know why! They are getting ready to launch their American blown glass version of Murano lamps as we speak. These beauties are being produced by Joe Cariatito, an LA based glass artist and will be out sometime in late August or early September. Stay tuned...you won't want to miss the unveiling of their new collection!


Michelle said...

oh wow......beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love these kinds of home decor items!!

Mango Gal said...

These are so beautiful!
I simply adore your blog, I love it so much that I featured it as my favorite blog of the week! Thanks for the great posts!

LMN said...

They are so beautiful! but so expensive!

Swank Lighting said...

Actually Lindsey, the new line is being launched to address the price concerns. We understand that true vintage murano lamps like the ones in our original line are price higher than what a large segment of the population can spend. We have been asked by so many visitors to swanklighting.com to come out with a line with the same hot mid century look but be more affordable. A pair of our new line of lamps will not exceed 1,800. And we will sell singles unline our vintage line. The product will be the same high quality hardware and the glass will be blown and signed by an up and coming American artist. These are going to be the heirlooms of tomorrow. So hopefully you will reconsider the price issue.