Oct 26, 2008

And the countdown begins...

Only five days left until the Material Girls/Swank Lighting Contest is over!

If you haven't heard about the contest yet, you can win a pair of $2,000 lamps from Swank in three easy steps!

1- Pick one of these gorgeous lamps from Swank's website

2- Pick a favorite tv character (from an old OR new show)
**Create a glamorous and fancy abode for Ginger on Gilligan's Island...**

**Help Brandon move out of his parents house and get him an apartment of his own!**

**Design a house just for Johnny Drama- eliminating any Entourage!**

3- Create a design board for your favorite tv character based on his/her personality and lifestyle including the pair of Swank lamps you chose!

Lauren's Board- she designed a new apartment for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

You can submit a virtual or scanned in design board of any type of room you choose- feel free to go crazy with fabric samples, furniture/ lighting pics, paint colors, cut outs from magazines- you name it! (and hey if you are a good artist, feel free to include a drawing!) A small description describing your tv character's room and why you chose the decor you did, would be much appreciated-send all boards and descriptions to Emily@ejinteriors.net

1st, 2nd, and third prizes/Swank lamps will be given out to the winners! Good Luck!

Thanks so much for participating!!


Layla said...

WOW! That's a KILLER contest!

The Lettered Cottage

Sherry said...

I love the Swank lamps !! A few days ago i just bought a lamp from ebay, but can't compare with this one. How exquisite it is.