Oct 11, 2008

We aren't fiddlin around about how great this site is!

I just received in the mail a photo that I had "fiddled" from Photofiddle. It looks great! They took one of my photos that I had taken on my Costa Rica vacay and edited it to make it look more like a piece of art- putting the photo on canvas so I can hang it up in my home.

You can get any photo fiddled in any style- black and white, watercolor, sepia- you name it!

This is my Costa Rica photo "before"

And this is the Costa Rica pic after it was photo fiddled in their "fantasy" style

I was surprised that I hadn't yet heard of this fantastic web company...perhaps because the Photofiddle site is relatively new- it went online in June 2004 but it wasn't too long after the launch that they received a ton of press from the Washington Post, USA Today, PC Magazine & more. What really put Photofiddle on the map was when Oprah put them on the O list in 2006! Gosh, being put on the O List is my dream!

Recently voted by the viewers of the CNBC show as "The Next Big Idea", Photofiddle is really coming into its own and making my plain old non-edited photos look pretty boring! Be sure to stop by their site and start fiddlin all your photos. Such a great and personalized way to take up dead wall space in your home!

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IG said...

I have used Photofiddle many times. I make a new one every time I go on vacation. So far 4 of them and I am blown away how great they are.