Oct 20, 2008

Living La "Vida" Eva

Every time I see pictures of Eva Mendes at a red carpet event she looks absolutely exquisite...so upon hearing that she had launched a new home decor line, "Vida" at Macy's in September, I quickly got onto the Macy's website to see what Eva the diva had produced...let me just say I was less than thrilled and expected something with a lot more style and excitement. I guess it's safe to say that she isn't going to the be the next Martha Stewart.

I also think they could have staged the above picture to look more appealing- a more modern headboard would have been nice, a colorful accent wall behind the bed would have added some excitement....that mirror, that screen, oy.

"Vida is about easy luxury — the colors, fabrics and textures that I live and love, brought to life in a stylish, comfortable and affordable way,"- Eva Mendes

I may have to stick with Cindy- one of the original celeb designers!


Mango Gal said...

Eeek. I agree with you, not a fan either, looks a little "old lady" to me. Bummer, I love her style, guess sometimes things get lost in translation.

Jessica Claire said...

The 'bettina' design is laughable

you'd think ms. sexy mama could come up with something that's more glam and boudoir and less bland floral granny!