Oct 19, 2008


I've always been a fan of Lulu de Kwiatkowski's line of fabrics and wallcoverings (see Lulu DK ).

Now she has a book out! It's title is: LULU and it is a monograph of colorful, dreamlike, and autobiographical handmade collages. Lulu is also a prolific fine artist with an extensive body of work that has never before been published. Lulu's artwork draws inspiration from her unique experiences, as well as from her travels all over the world. Lulu's original multi-media collages combine painting, drawing, photography, and writing.

With a background in painting, textile design, and the decorative arts, Lulu's work blends depictions of flora and fauna, with geometric studies of pattern and color. Memories often appear in the form of hand written text, as well as in portraits of herself and her family members.

These images are a glimpse from the book which is also available on Amazon or bookstores. Great coffee table book!

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