Oct 12, 2008

Sofa backs!

In this month's issue, House Beautiful wrote a great article called, "I'm looking for a Floating Sofa". You can read it online here. They compiled 12 gorgeous sofas that you can proudly showcase in the middle of your room- ones that you won't be embarassed or afraid to reveal their backsides!

This sofa from J. Robert Scott is by far my favorite sofa they picked. Referred to as the "Retro", it's completely flawless- not only does it look insanely comfortable, it's also a very pretty taupey-gray color, and has a shape that doesn't lean too traditional nor too modern.

I also love how the top of the sofa just rolls right into the back.

I love a sofa in the middle of the room...furniture doesn't always have to be pressed against the wall...have fun with your arrangement!

Here are some rooms where the sofa sits freely in the middle of the room- its back looking as stunning as the front!

Tassled tie backs attached to the back of this sofa, make this traditional room even more detailed and dressy.

A simple roll back sofa (similar to the House Beautiful one above) gives this room a nice clean look

The mod floral fabric and chrome frame on this vintage sofa definitely adds some fascination to its back.


Ivy Lane said...

Love the mod sofa! :)

Jessica Claire said...

it sounds bizarre but i've never even thought of that!

love the rolled back too!

{this is glamorous} said...

Such a fun post, and love the idea of showcasing sofas with pretty backs -- the J. Robert Scott sofa really does look amazingly comfortable, and the colour is just so pretty.

columnist said...

Absolutely agree, and have used them that way before, (with "sofa tables" behind them). And placing furniture in this way can break up a room effectively, (as a divider). It helps to have a bigger space, of course!