Oct 16, 2008

"Like Sands Through The Hourglass..."

Back in the 50's, this was the most renowned hourglass shape in the country...

Until this little show came along...

But now, the hourglass is taking over the world in other forms....we are seeing it everywhere in decor!
Just another nice reminder of the passing of time...(and how few hours there are in a day to get all of our to-do lists done!)
Although we can't complain about this time measurer, it's just so presh-

These Anthropologie decorative hourglasses would look cute on a desk

This looker from Treadway Gallery is a large hourglass shaped lamp in brass...

Need a basic black or white sand hourglass? Hop on over to Z Gallerie- they've got plenty!

You can always count on Wisteria to provide a cute side table in any shape or form- this one above is the Shimmering Hourglass Table

Hourglass rugs featured on Design Milk

Hourglass meets contemporary design here at Vivre

Although this desk clock is currently sold out, hopefully it will be back in stock soon at Revive Home

Oh yes Tarjay picking up yet another trend...Hourglass Curtain Panels!

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